TDEV - Talent Development and Training


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

TDEV 5000 Introduction to Talent Development (3) 

Students are introduced to the field of talent development as a personal and professional practice within organizations. Students examine core areas of talent development such as competencies, key definitions, practices, and policies. Characteristics and practices of effective talent development strategy as well as individual capacity-building are explored. Areas that will be investigated include Learning Sciences, Instructional Design, Training and Delivery Facilitation, Technology Application, Knowledge Management, Career and Leadership Development, Coaching, and Training Impact Evaluation. 

TDEV 5500 Talent and Career Development (3)

This course introduces students to current ideas about how organizations and individuals manage talent and career development. Students learn and apply procedures, policies, and models that are successful for individual career development. Students examine the ways in which career management functions as an important personal and business development process. A strategy through which individuals and teams jointly negotiate and shape talent growth to meet organizational needs. Prerequisite: TDEV 5000. 

TDEV 5700 Coaching for Performance Improvement (3)

Students examine their own performance as trainers and facilitators with a view towards coaching others in talent development. Using personal and professional coaching frameworks, students review their performance as well as that of others in order to direct skill improvements. Learning to examine, describe and highlight professional facilitation skills in a structured way is a key capability in this course. Students will apply technology tools such as AI, simulation applications and role-play in the refinement of their coaching performance.  

TDEV 5800 Applied Research in Talent Development (3)

Students create a research plan to understand individual and work-team needs for ongoing talent development. Students learn to apply organizational and business needs when planning for talent development. This course introduces students to Design Based Research for investigating talent development needs and organizational capacity. Research methodologies such as descriptive and inferential statistics, research principles will be explored. Students learn and apply sampling designs, survey methodologies, as well as experimental and quasi-experimental designs. The course also introduces students to other assessment methods used in training and development, such as learning assessments, performance evaluations, and program evaluation.

TDEV 6000 Talent Development Capstone Project (3)

Students apply their talent development knowledge skills and capabilities in an organizational setting. As a capstone course, students integrate their personal and professional competencies in developing a short program or intervention within an organization. This capstone course is a practical experience designed to facilitate application of professional skills and personal capabilities in the field of talent development. Core topics such as assessment, evaluation and ongoing development are highlighted. Students focus on arriving at creative solutions for talent development problems as well as documenting their capabilities as professionals in the field. Prerequisite: TDEV 5000, TDEV 5500.