Administration of Justice


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Graduate Certificate
12 Credit Hours

This program is offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.It is available online and at select U.S. campuses, but it is not available at the St. Louis main campus. However, there are select courses available at the St. Louis Main Campus. Please see the Campus Locations and Offerings section of this catalog for a full list of campuses where this program is offered.

For information on the general requirements for a certificate, see Certificate Program Policies and Procedures under the Academic Policies section of this catalog.

Program Description

The graduate certificate in the administration of justice allows students to develop advanced knowledge of crime control systems and cultivate technical, critical thinking and analytical skills. The program emphasizes organizational and leadership structures within the criminal justice system.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this certificate in the administration of justice, students will be able to:

  • Articulate ethical implications of decision making in the criminal justice system.
  • Explain the interdependence of institutions in the criminal justice system and broader social, legal and socioeconomic environments. 
  • Articulate the ways issues of diversity affect the operation of criminal justice organizations and actors, including differences by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sex, gender, age and so on.
  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.


The 12 credit hours required for the graduate certificate in administration of justice are the following four courses:

  • CRIM 5050 Organization and Administration of Criminal Justice (3 hours)
  • CRIM 5060 Policing and Law Enforcement (3 hours)
  • CRIM 5070 Institutional and Community Corrections (3 hours)
  • LEGL 5450 American Constitutional Law* (3 hours)

*Students completing the certificate are exempt from the requirement to complete the prerequisite for LEGL 5450.


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