College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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  • History, Politics, and International Relations, Kristen Anderson Morton, chair
  • Law, Crime and Social Justice, Robin Jefferson Higgins, chair


  • Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies, Lindsey Kingston, director
  • Global English Language Teaching Institute, DJ Kaiser, director

Danielle MacCartney, interim dean

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Mission Statement

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences will embrace the shared values of our disciplines: free inquiry and debate; equity and justice; academic and intellectual rigor and integrity; intense curiosity and the pursuit of truth. We will collaborate actively: among colleges, among departments, and with the students and the communities we serve. We will teach and learn in a spirit and practice that is broad-minded, radically inclusive, utterly respectful, and grounded in critical and humane thought. We will honor knowledge for its own sake and for its ability to make change in the world. We will assert our values, our methods, our standards, and our ideas. We believe that the Humanities and Social Sciences are the foundation of good citizenship and good stewardship, locally, nationally, and globally.

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