Diplomacy and International Organizations


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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25 Credit Hours

This program is offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences/History, Politics and International Relations Department. It is available at the St. Louis main campus and at select international campuses. Please see the Locations Offering Undergraduate Programs section of this catalog for a list of campuses where this program is offered.

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This certificate will enable students to deepen their knowledge and expertise in fields relevant for careers in international organizations, diplomacy, global corporations, and internationally active NGOs. It will build upon courses oriented towards, first, various aspects related to functions and operations of international organizations and diplomacy including negotiation techniques, international communication, and global governance. Second, courses providing expertise in key issues and regions of world politics. Third, courses providing practical experience where the acquired expertise and knowledge can be used in real-world context. Vienna is an ideal location for offering this study focus as it is home to dozens of international organizations, regularly hosts high-level diplomatic events and negotiations on various global issues, and numerous globally active enterprises and NGOs have their base here. WUPU and the IR Department are ideally placed to harness both on the academic expertise available within the department and beyond as well as on the practice-oriented resources available in the city. Some of the courses involve guess lectures from experts and practioners working with IOs and/or in diplomacy. Some of the courses are interdisciplinary and co-taught by faculty from the respective departments.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Summarize, classify and explain the systemic characteristics, processes, and relevance of diplomacy and IOs in the past and today.
  • Differentiate and evaluate the role and interests of various actors in diplomacy using a multi-level system of analysis. 
  • Distinguish between the "two worlds of IR" (scholarly / practitioners) and execute real-world tasks through appropriate procedures. 

Course Requirements

25 credits

  • HIST 3100 Diplomatic History (3 hours)
  • INTL 3700 International Organizations (3 hours)
  • POLT 2100 Model U.N. (3 hours)
  • POLT 1550 Introduction to Political Argumentation and Debate (3 hours)
  • INTL 3290 Politics of International Economic Relations (3 hours)
  • INTL 3030 Advanced Studies in International Law (3 hours) 
  • INTL 2610 Advocacy, NGOs, and Civil Society (3 hours)
  • INTL 4600 IR Seminar: Diplomacy of Global Actors (3 hours)
  • INTL 1200 Careers in History, Politics and International Relations (1 hour)