International Human Rights


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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18 Credit Hours

This program is offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences/Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies. It is available at the St. Louis main campus and at select international campuses. Please see the Locations Offering Undergraduate Programs section of this catalog for a list of campuses where this program is offered.

For information on the general requirements for a certificate, see Certificate under the Academic Policies and Information section of this catalog.

More demanding than the international human rights minor but less demanding than the international human rights major, this certificate is well suited to students with a strong interest in human rights but who are majoring in another subject. As a stand-alone certificate, it is also appropriate for those students with a strong interest in human rights who have completed a BA or BS at another institution but who are not currently considering graduate or professional school.

Special Requirements

Demonstration of competence in a foreign language equivalent to two years of college-level study is also required. (This requirement can be met by completing intermediate level II in a foreign language or by passing an intermediate-level proficiency examination and will be waived for students whose native language is not English and who are studying in English.)

Course Requirements

Core Courses

  • HRTS 1100 Introduction to Human Rights (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3590 Theories of Human Rights (3 hours)
  • HRTS 4500 Human Rights Field Experience (3 hours)

One course from each of the 3 following groups:

Group 1: History, Politics and International Relations

  • HRTS 2500 Current Problems in Human Rights (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3500 International Human Rights Law (3 hours)
  • ANSO 3340 NGOs in a Global Arena (3 hours)
  • POLT 1080 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 hours)
  • POLT 2550 The Politics of the Developing World (3 hours)
  • INTL 1500 The World System Since 1500 (3 hours)
  • INTL 2030 International Law (3 hours)
  • WGST 2620 Women and the Law (3 hours)

Group 2: Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • ANSO 1060 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 hours)
  • ANSO 2300 Social Movements (3 hours)
  • ANSO 3130 Race and Ethnicity (3 hours)
  • ANSO 4175 Globalization (3 hours)
  • ANSO 4250 Class, Status and Power (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3210 Prejudice and Discrimination (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3600 Topics in Mass Violence (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3700 Human Rights and Business (3 hours)
  • WGST 4220 Gender, Justice and Human Rights (3 hours)

Group 3: Communications, English, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

  • ENGL 1060 Protest Literature (3 hours)
  • HRTS 2086 Topics in Human Rights (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3051 Religion and Human Rights (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3080 Advanced Topics in Human Rights (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3160 Human Rights in Film: Documentaries (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3170 Human Rights in Film: Narrative Films (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3200 Human Rights Area Studies (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3340 Global Ethics (3 hours)
  • HRTS 3400 Human Rights and the Environment (3 hours)
  • MDST 2800 Media, Diversity and Society (3 hours)
  • PHIL 2320 Contemporary Moral Problems: Emphasis in Human Rights Issues (3 hours)
  • PHIL 2400 Human Rights and Animal Rights (3 hours)