FINC - Finance


Effective 1 June 2024 through 31 May 2025

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Course Descriptions

Global Citizenship Program
Knowledge Areas
ARTS Arts Appreciation
GLBL Global Understanding
PNW Physical & Natural World
QL Quantitative Literacy
ROC Roots of Cultures
SSHB Social Systems & Human Behavior
Global Citizenship Program
Skill Areas
CRI Critical Thinking
ETH Ethical Reasoning
INTC Intercultural Competence
OCOM Oral Communication
WCOM Written Communication
** Course fulfills two skill areas


FINC 3210 Principles of Finance (3)

Introductory course examining the role of finance in a corporation. Topics include the link between strategy and finance, the economic and financial positioning of the firm; the time value of money; and corporate investment decisions. Value maximization and risk/return trade-offs in financial decision making are employed as integrative concepts throughout the course. Spreadsheets are utilized in problem-solving. Prerequisites: MATH 1430, ACCT 2010, BUSN 2750. May be taken concurrently: BUSN 2750

FINC 3600 Financial Management (3)

This course is a continuation and extension of the Principles of Finance course. The fundamental financial and operating decisions made by a firm are explored. Major topics include capital budgeting, cost of funds, capital structure analysis and dividend policy. A combination of problem-solving and case-study methodologies is used. Prerequisite: FINC 3210.

FINC 3800 Financial Markets and Institutions (3)

Students develop a unified framework for understanding financial intermediaries and markets. They examine the structure, regulation, and operation of banking and non-banking financial institutions; analyze how central bank operations affect financial institutions; and develop an understanding of money and capital markets, the flow of funds through the economy and the role of financial markets. Prerequisite: FINC 3210.

FINC 4210 Investments (3)

Introduces information about investing in securities, commodities, and options; and methods and techniques for analyzing investment opportunities and assessing financial conditions for investment purposes. Prerequisites: ACCT 2010, ACCT 2025 and FINC 3210.

FINC 4220 Financial Statement Analysis (3)

Financial report analysis, interpretation and evaluation from the viewpoints of creditors, owners and others concerned with business strengths and weaknesses and future outlooks of business organizations. Prerequisite: FINC 3210.

FINC 4300 International Finance (3)

Students develop a framework for understanding the environment in which the international financial manager operates. Foundations of global financial management, world financial markets and institutions, economic exposure, and transaction and translation exposure are examined in the course. Standard corporate finance topics such as capital structure, cost of capital and capital budgeting are considered and expanded for multinational firms. Prerequisite: FINC 3210.

FINC 4610 Advanced Investments (3)

This course is a continuation and expansion of FINC 4210, which provides an introduction to the area of investments. Focus in this class will be on non-equity investment opportunities and portfolio management. Prerequisite: FINC 4210.