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The philosophy degree programs at Webster University specialize in understanding the world and preparing to change it for the better. Students develop a strong background in philosophical concepts and theories, as well as high-level skills of critical analysis, effective oral and written communication, collaborative problem solving, ethical reasoning, and attention to what helps or hinders making people's lives more meaningful and equitable. Graduates go on to work in a wide variety of fields, including business, finance, media, education, healthcare, nonprofit advocacy, technology, social work, counseling, law and many more.

Lonnie Helm
Next Century Leaders Endowed Scholarship Recipient

“I have a deep passion for the environment and want to ensure that we are acting in the best interest of our planet and the greater universe while still innovating.”

Lonnie Helm
Lonnie Helm

BA in Philosophy and English with an Emphasis in Playwriting, ’22

Choose from Three Emphasis Areas

Students major in philosophy and choose an area of concentration called an emphasis in addition to their core courses in philosophy. Students with an Emphasis in Art and Creativity take courses such as Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy and Film, and practical courses in making art. Students with an Emphasis in Ethics and Social Justice take courses such as Theories of Human Rights, Feminist and Gender Theory, Philosophy and Technology, and Philosophy of Race. In an individualized emphasis, students work with their faculty advisors to craft courses that suit their particular interests. Recent examples of individual emphases include linguistics and philosophy of language, ecofeminism, and philosophy of race.

All philosophy majors also take courses in the history of philosophy, in major areas of philosophy, in global ethics, and a course in feminist philosophy. The required Philosophy Proseminar is where students plan and administer the annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference and develop a career plan to translate their Webster experience to the world of work beyond college. In the culminating Capstone seminar, students examine a significant philosophical text or issue, write an original paper, and discuss their work with students and faculty in the Capstone Colloquium.

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Philosophy Academic Programs

The Department of Philosophy offers traditional courses in the history of philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics and epistemology, as well as courses such as philosophy of sex and love, existentialism, philosophy and film, and environmental ethics. Scientific Revolution and the enlightenment features the work of lesser-known women philosophers alongside men in the canon, and all majors complete one of the upper-level departmental offerings in feminist philosophy. Other exciting features such as the short-term study abroad course on inequality and the environment, semester-long study abroad opportunities, the annual philosophy conference, and collaborative research funds are also available to Webster students. The student-run Philosophy Coalition also organizes on- and off-campus events for students.

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Alumni Outlook and Career Opportunities

Webster University philosophy graduates have gone on to pursue careers in law, governmental policy-making, community service, international relations, research review, and analysis of professional codes, and many pursue advanced studies in philosophy or other disciplines.

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