Online Graduate Programs

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Convenience & Academic Quality

You have a degree and you're considering something more. You want another educational challenge or an exciting opportunity to advance your current career or embark on a whole new career direction.

Webster understands how to deliver the choice, convenience and flexibility you're looking for in a graduate program. We offer a wide variety of online graduate degrees programs that offer high academic standards, convenience, classes you can take at home or other locations and 24-7 learning.

Every graduate program reflects our commitment to a personalized, student-focused education with a global perspective — to prepare students to excel in the real world.

College of Arts & Science

Master of Arts in Gerontology
Master of Arts in Human Services
Master of Arts in International Relations
Master of Arts in Legal Studies *
Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Master of Science in Environmental Management
Master of Science in Science Management and Leadership

School of Business and Technology

Master of Arts in Business and Organizational Security Management
Master of Arts in Human Resources Development
Master of Arts in Human Resources Management
Master of Arts in Information Technology Management
Master of Arts in Management and Leadership 
Master of Arts in Organizational Development and Change
Master of Arts in Procurement and Acquisitions Management
Master of Business Administration
Master of Public Administration *
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
Master of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Marketing
Master of Science in Space System Operations Management *

School of Education

Educational Leadership (Ed.S.) §
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership & Administration
Master of Arts in Education and Innovation
Master of Art in STEM Education
Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language
Master of Educational Technology (MET)

School of Communications

Master of Arts in Advertising and Marketing Communications
Master of Arts in Communications Management
Master of Arts in Media Communications
Master of Arts in Public Relations

Dual Degree Options

MBA/MA in Business and Organizational Security Management
MBA/MS in Environmental Management
NEW! MBA/MS in Finance
MBA/MA in Human Resources Development
MBA/MA in Human Resources Management
MBA/MA in Information Technology Management
MBA/MA in International Relations
NEW! MBA/MS in Management and Leadership
MBA/MS in Marketing
MBA/MA in Media Communications
MBA/MA in Procurement and Acquisitions Management


§ The online Ed.S. programs in Educational Leadership program is nationally recognized through 2020 by the specialized accreditation association The Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) of NCATE.

* Delivered as a synchronous online format. Find out more about our WebNet+ synchronous online format.