The Reeg Academic Resource Center is here to support you!

The Center provides academic resources, support, advocacy and access through relationships that empower students across the worldwide Webster University community. Services include academic counseling, assistive technology, disability accommodations, a testing center, a tutoring program and writing services. The Reeg Academic Resource Center also provides resources and programming for academic integrity awareness and education, as well as programming and support for conditionally admitted students. Contact one of our staff members, and let us know how we can help.

Reeg Academic Resource Center

Support Services

Excel at Webster University with the help of our assistance programs covering eight different support services.


CRLA-Certified Center

The Reeg Academic Resource Center maintains the College Reading & Learning Association's (opens in new tab) international certification for its peer tutors so that you can have confidence in the peer support and tutoring we offer.

CRLA Badge


The outer door to Reeg Academic Resource Center with lobby, welcome desk, and two hallways containing computer stations and other resource rooms.
The lobby area of the Reeg Academic Resource Center has two comfortable turquoise chairs on the right side in front of a large window to the hallway, two small stools in yellow and orange in the middle in front of a water station, and two comfortable gray patterned chairs with a side desk attached.
This is the hallway to the left of the welcome desk and shows a row of computer stations available for students.  There are chairs on wheels lining the long desks with computers."
Two students are sitting in the lobby chairs; the young adult-aged female with long brown hair and glasses sits in a chair with an attached desk on the left and is smiling; the back of the head of the other student with brown hair is on the right.
Around the corner from the front desk are tables with chairs and bench seats with tables for collaborative work, studying, writing support, and more.
Students wearing face masks sit at a bench table with two laptops in front of a monitor with a web camera.
A room with a whiteboard wall has a table with three chairs on one side facing where a peer tutor would sit in front of a computer monitor to the right of the table.
The second Reeg Academic Resource Center entrance also has soft seating and lockers to place your items when you enter the testing center.
Through the second Reeg Academic Resource Center entrance is the lobby to the Testing Center with a reception desk and a table with two chairs in front of it.
In the Reeg Academic Resource Center's testing site, a young dark-skinned male student with orange curly hair sits in front of a computer monitor.
Four computer testing cubicles with computer monitors and dividers are in a row along the wall of the Reeg Academic Resource Center's testing center.  Each station has a camera on the wall above it, and a student occupies the wheeled chair in front of its monitor.
When leaving the Testing Center, there is a hallway back into the main area of the Reeg Academic Resource Center.

Schedule Appointments and Reeg ARC Presentations

Use our free tutoring and writing coaching services for in-person or Zoom assistance, or fill out our online form to schedule a class visit, speaking engagement or student organization presentation.

Find a Peer Tutor or Writing Coach for your subject and/or availability through our online scheduler, MyWCOnline. The Zoom Room link for your tutor or coach can be found in MyWCOnline or in the Tutoring or Writing pages in SharePoint.

If you have any questions about the tutoring program, please call 314-246-7107 or email

If you have any questions about writing services, please call 314-246-8644 or email

Tutor and Coach Schedules

Spring 2023 available tutoring subjects are provided below. Students should review available appointment times in MyWCOnline and schedule a tutoring appointment. Students will meet with the peer tutor at the scheduled appointment time (Central Time). Peer tutoring is available either in-person or virtually through Zoom.

You can also use NetTutor for tutoring assistance. Just select the NetTutor link in any of your courses in WorldClassRoom (Canvas).

If you have any questions about tutoring, please contact Cherie Wyatt, Tutoring Program Coordinator, at 314-246-7107 or email

Spring 2023 Available Tutoring Subjects

American Sign Language (ASL, ILC 1090)

Calculus (MATH 1610)

College Algebra (MATH 1430)

Computer Programming I (COSC 1550)

Computer Programming II (COSC 1560)

Descriptive Statistics (STAT 1100)

Essentials of Biology II (BIOL 1560)

Financial Accounting I (ACCT 2010)

French language (FREN 1090-2090)

General Chemistry II (CHEM 1110)

German language (GRMN) 

Introduction to Marketing Communications (ADVT 1940)

Introduction to Measurement and Statistics (ANSO 2720/PSYC 2750)

Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1100)

Introduction to Research Methods (PSYC 2825)

Managerial Accounting (ACCT 2025)

Mathematics for Computer Science (COSC 1570)

Media Foundations (MDST 1010)

Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 2110)

Principles of Finance (FINC 3210)

Precalculus (MATH 1480)

Spanish language (Elementary, SPAN 1090)

Statistics (MATH 2200)

Survey of Economics (ECON 2000)

Visit MyWCOnline to view the Writing Center schedule and/or book a writing appointment.

If it is your first time to MyWCOnline, you need to register for an account. Then you will be able to see and book any available days and times to meet your project deadlines. You will then meet with the writing coach at the scheduled appointment time (CST). Writing support is available either in person in the Reeg Academic Resource Center in 40 Loretto Hall or virtually through Zoom (links found below next to each coach's "about" section in your appointment details). See the video above for a walkthrough of how to make an appointment for a live session using MyWCOnline.

If you do not see a day and time that fits your schedule, you can also use NetTutor for writing support. Follow the NetTutor link in any WorldClassRoom (Canvas) course shell, pick the subject you need (or "Writing" for general writing advice), and select the type of service you would like: a live tutoring session, question drop off or paper drop off. See the NetTutor section for more details about this service!

If you have any questions about writing support, send an email to

Reeg Academic Resource Center Staff

Josette Bradford, PhD

Josette Bradford, PhD

Director, Reeg ARC

Josette Bradford joined the Reeg ARC team in November 2022, previously serving as the Director, Student Academic Success Center at Prairie View A&M University in Texas. Bradford brings to Webster significant experience in working with at-risk students, strategies on retention and graduation, and development of a successful summer bridge program. Kyle McCool, Senior Director of Student Success, said, “Josette’s experiences will greatly benefit the continued success of the Reeg Academic Resource Center. I am excited to work closely with her on increased collaborations within the new Division of Student Success. Josette understands students and her transformative approach to academic excellence will be a great asset to Webster and the Reeg ARC team.”


Carolyn Brown

Carolyn I. Brown, PhD

Assistant Director

Carolyn Brown has been with the Reeg ARC since Fall 2014 and oversees the Testing Center, Academic Integrity Education Program and daily operations. Brown also provides academic counseling to students. Additionally, she manages the Welcome Center Desk and many student employees. She provides excellent leadership to an amazing team.

Latoya Griffin

LaToya Griffin, MEd

Academic ADA Coordinator

LaToya Griffin joined the ARC team in 2021 as a part-time Disability Support Specialist, and moved into the ADA Coordinator position in January 2022. She also provides academic counseling to students. Prior to her time at Webster, Griffin was a lead Middle School Special Education teacher.

Lisa Haag

Lisa Haag

Transitions Coordinator

Lisa Haag joined the Reeg ARC team in October 2022. In her role as the Transitions Coordinator, Haag will lead the Summer Transitions Academic Program (TAP) experience for incoming first-year students and will also provide academic counseling to students. She comes to Webster from East Central College where she served as a Learning Center Specialist in English and Writing. She has experience transforming summer bridge programs leading to increased student success.


Laura Hardin Marshall

Laura Hardin Marshall, MSt

Writing Support Coordinator

Laura Hardin Marshall has been with the Reeg ARC since 2015, starting as the Academic Integrity Education Program Specialist. She moved into the position of Writing Support Coordinator in June 2022, in which she oversees the live and asynchronous Writing Center services and staff as well as offers composition pedagogy support to faculty and staff across the university. She also provides academic counseling to students.

Emily Stroble

Emily Stroble

Student Access Coordinator

Emily Stroble joined the team in November 2022, moving from Financial Aid. In her role as Student Access Coordinator, Stroble will be a member of the Disability Services Team, supporting students navigating assistive technology needs within their ADA accommodations and expanded access for success. She will also provide academic counseling to students.


Cherie Wyatt

Cherie Wyatt

Tutoring Program Coordinator

Cherie Wyatt has been with Webster since 2018 when she started with the Academic Advising Center. She moved into her current role in 2019. Wyatt oversees the Tutoring program at Webster and provides academic counseling to students. She is an asset to the Reeg ARC and serves as a mentor for many team members.

Part-Time Staff

Faculty Name

Sandra Jackson, MAT

Assistive Technology Specialist

Meghan Swaller

Meghan Swaller

Testing Center Specialist

Reeg ARC
Mondays through Thursday 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Testing Center
Monday and Wednesday 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Tutoring Program
Peer tutors are available for appointments either in person or virtually through Zoom at times listed on the Peer Tutor Schedule in MyWCOnline or in SharePoint.

Writing Center
Writing coaches are available for appointments either in person or virtually through Zoom at times listed on the Writing Center Schedule in MyWCOnline or in SharePoint

For more information, call 314-246-7620.

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