"Transitioning from a legacy system to Slate provided an opportunity to reconsider the full range of admissions business operations and gave us the platform to address privacy, data protection and record retention needs at each layer of the implementation. While this emotional journey seems overwhelming at the time, it is definitely the best approach to achieve the desired outcome. This approach helped us develop strategy and a documented plan, all while realizing that it isn’t set in stone. Having a regular cycle for review to account for evolutionary changes and improvements will have to be part of the ongoing journey.

"Approaching any implementation with a creative and open mind will allow previously built processes to move beyond the limitations of earlier technology tools and data management practices resulting in increased efficiencies and more effective security practices.

"I try to keep in mind the quote from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, “In the end, we need to realize that protecting someone else’s data ultimately protects us all.” This mind-set fueled my engine even after being exhausted from just getting things built and working operationally in Slate. By protecting others, I am also protecting myself."

Laura A. Wainz, Director, Enrollment Technology

"The team within the Office of Privacy and Information Security is an invaluable resource to the Webster community as their knowledge and expertise offer critical insights to navigate matters of privacy and data security. Many projects would be derailed without this team."

John Pyle, EdD, Former Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President for Enrollment at Webster University