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Be a Force for Good in Your Community With a Human Services Master’s Degree

Today’s turbulent world requires leaders who have the passion and skills to enact positive change. Webster University’s Master of Arts in Human Services builds on core values of inclusivity, social justice and a global perspective. You’ll graduate with the knowledge, confidence and advanced skill set to empower and advocate for individuals, groups, families and communities around the world.

A Human Services master’s degree from Webster opens doors to new opportunities and equips you to be a catalyst for change. Our faculty members bring their own experiences and connections to the classroom so you can get a firsthand look into the rewarding career possibilities that await.

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Rooted in the social services field, our Master of Arts in Human Services degree program prepares you to launch or advance your career in a nonprofit organization, governmental agency, educational setting or health care facility. Pursue a career in community outreach and development, mental health education and advocacy, addictions services, higher education student support services, social welfare or disability services.

Choose Webster for Your Human Services Master’s Degree

Gain a Global Education Focused on Your Career Goals

Webster provides unique global experiences that prepares you to lead in your community and around the world. As part of your Human Services master’s, you’ll complete a 200-hour applied learning field experience that provides hands-on learning and helps you expand your professional network.

Learn From Expert Faculty With Industry Experience

Our Human Services master’s degree faculty are leaders with over 20 years of experience working in the field and as educators. Faculty from other areas — including management, human resources and counseling — lend additional expertise and perspective to this interdisciplinary degree.

Choose a Focus Area to Align With Your Interests

At Webster, you can carve your own path by choosing a specialty area to complement your Human Services master’s, including criminal justice, substance abuse, nonprofit leadership, employment services, disability services, diversity, equity and inclusion, or social justice. You’ll deepen your knowledge through engaging career-focused coursework and put your knowledge into practice through enriching field experiences.

Program Spotlight




Text on screen: Program Spotlight: Human Services (MA)

Text on screen: Melissa Spriggs, PhD, LCPC, Assistant Professor & Director MA Human Services Program

Melissa Spriggs 

The human services field is a wide field with a variety of areas and options to pursue. Webster provides an equally wide experience for our students to build upon knowledge and skills so they can apply it in the area they choose.

Text on screen: Kevin C. Student

Kevin C. Student 

Human Services is a part of my blood. I work for the Department of Veteran Affairs, and I am an addiction therapist, so my degree really helped me to implement some of those theories and things that I've been working with, but not necessarily learned about. 


Melissa Spriggs 

They know they want to help people and they've done that professionally and personally -- maybe for many years -- and now they're thinking about how to do that in a more advanced way.

Text on screen: Interdisciplinary Curriculum: A Personalized Degree for Career Advancement

It's truly interdisciplinary. It draws from fields such as sociology, psychology, counseling, human growth and development, management and leadership to pull kind of the best of all of those areas and field and create this interdisciplinary degree. 


I would say an area of distinction for our program is our unique opportunity to choose a variety of elective courses, to either tailor make kind of an area of expertise or sample some areas that perhaps they haven't been exposed to. 

[Footage of student on laptop studying an online course for Webster University]

Kevin C. Student 

I was able to choose the electives that I wanted. They talked about ethics, they talked about values. They talked about many of the things that are embedded in my job. 

Melissa Spriggs 

All the courses are available asynchronously online --


-- with the exception of our field experience courses. For that, we use the benefit of live virtual along with asynchronous discussions.

Text on screen: LIVE VIRTUAL

[Footage of Dr. Spriggs teaching a course to students online with video chat]

 So it's kind of the best of both worlds with that field experience course, and that's an opportunity to apply theory to the real world.

Text on screen: Expert Faculty: Fostering an Engaging Learning Environment

This program, I would say, set students up for success because of our awesome faculty, number one, who are really engaged with students and care about them, want them to succeed, want them to gain that knowledge and apply it in a way that's meaningful to them. 

Kevin C. Student 

Every instructor, all of the students that I've met, have been very open, warm, welcoming, conversational.

[Footage of Dr. Spriggs teaching a course to students online with video chat]

This program helped me to learn that if I do what I need to do to make myself successful, then the rest will take care of itself. 

Melissa Spriggs 

You'll thrive and flourish once you graduate from here and look back on your time at Webster and be proud that you graduated from Webster.

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What Can You Do With a Master of Arts in Human Services?

Webster’s Human Services master’s degree prepares you for leadership in the social services field. You’ll be able to effectively evaluate and develop culturally responsive programs, promote effective interpersonal communication and build meaningful relationships with community members.

As a graduate of Webster’s Human Services master’s, you’ll be well-equipped for a rewarding career in a variety of roles, including:

  • Case Manager
  • Community Education Specialist
  • Executive Director
  • Grant Writer
  • Probation Officer
  • Program Director
  • Substance Abuse Counselor


Salaries for Human Services Master’s Degree Graduates

Our Master of Arts in Human Services degree program enables you to work in a variety of settings. Your salary potential will vary based on your personal career path. For example, jobs for social and community service managers are predicted to increase 12% through 2031, and the median annual wage is $74,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics.

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