Webster University Account Login

This page serves as the remote access hub for students, faculty and staff, where you can log in in to your most important Webster University services.

The Gorlok - Webster University Mascot

Use your Webster ID and password to access Connections (Webster's intranet), WorldClassRoom (Canvas), Webster email and calendar services, Webster Zoom account, to contact the IT support service desk, and engage with other web-based services.

Some services require that you create an account with a third-party vendor.


Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Instructions (PDF)


Text on screen: How To Set Up Your Webster.edu Account for the First Time

[A voiceover begins with step-by-step instructions on how to set up a webster.edu account the first time.]


Good job on getting accepted into Webster.

[A screen of the Outlook app is visible, with an email titled “Welcome to Webster University, Please Register Your Connections account” from Webster University Information Technology.]

You should have received a greetings email from Webster University Information Technology. You need this email right now to set up your webster.edu account as it contains your webster.edu email address and a default one time-password.

First things first, set up your webster.edu account.

[The screen opens a new tab, redirecting to Webster’s Microsoft login page.]

Type in connections.webster.edu and click on use another account. Go back to the email I mentioned in the beginning and find your webster.edu email, copy and paste it here.

[The mouse highlights the webster.edu email and pastes it in the  Microsoft login page.]

Press next.

Text on screen: Taking you to your organization’s sign-in page …

[Microsoft loads and redirects to Webster’s organization sign-in page, with an email and password box.]

Copy and paste the one-time password you were provided with in the email. Press “sign in.”

[The page redirects to an “Update Password” page with multiple password boxes.]

Now paste the password again and come up with a new secure password. Click submit.

[The screen returns to the original Microsoft sign-in page.]

Sign in with your new password.

[After signing in, the screen brings up a “More information required” page.]

Text on screen: More information required

Text on screen: Your organization needs more information to keep your account secure.

Now you will see a “More Information Required” page. Click next.

[The page redirects to a page titled “Keep your account secure.”]

Text on screen: Your organization requires you to set up the following methods of proving who you are: App, Microsoft Authenticator

To keep your account safe, you have to download a Microsoft Authenticator app a.k.a MFA on your phone, through App store on iPhone or Google Play on Android.

When you install the MFA, click next.

[The “Keep your account secure” page updates, prompting account set-up.]

Text on screen: If prompted, allow notifications. Then add an account and select “Work or school.”

[A small phone screen appears and opens the Microsoft Authenticator app. The plus sign is clicked and the app gives the choice of “Add work or school account: Sign in, Scan QR Code” in a popup.]

Now open the app on your phone, press on the plus in the top right corner. Pick school or work account and press next on your PC.

[The “Keep your account secure” page updates again with a QR code. The phone screen on shows a demonstration of scanning the QR code.]

Scan the displayed QR code on your PC and click next.

[A final update of “Keep your account secure” page.]

Text on screen: Microsoft Authenticator: Let’s try it out

Now to make sure that it works, you will have to enter the number displayed on your PC to the app and the notification will be approved automatically.

Text on screen: Approve the notification we’re sending to your app by entering the number shown below: 68

[A pop-up asks “are you trying to sign in” on the phone screen. 68 is typed in, “yes” is chosen, and the phone screen disappears. The web page updates with “Notification approved.”

Press next. You've also been provided with a password, which you should remember so that you can regain access to your application if needed

[A “Success!” screen pops up and the mouse clicks “Done.]

Click done.

[The page redirects to the Webster University Connections Portal Homepage.]

Now that you've set up your webster.edu account, you can log into the Connections and use other tools provided by Webster to learn more about the online tools, such as the World Classroom Canvas.

[The voiceover ends and the Connections page fades to black.]

Text on screen: If you have any IT questions, please email support@webster.edu

Webster Connections — the Webster University Intranet

The Connections Portal 2.0 is the primary hub for all internal Webster University communications and services. Access all your Webster online services in one place, powered by Microsoft SharePoint (requires login with your Webster ID and password).

Access Webster Connections

Password Management — Change/Reset/Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your Connections password, you can reset it. Enter your full Webster email address and the character code presented, and click Next. You will be asked to verify one of the security/authentication methods you set up when you activated your account. Please remember that passwords need to be at least 12 characters long, contain both capital and lowercase letters, a number and one special character.

Forgot Password

Passwords must be updated every 180 days per University policy. This will require you to enter your current password. If you do not know your current password, use the Forgot Password link above.

Change/Update Password

Update, add or remove your current security/authentication methods for your account. For example, if you change the phone number you use for your account authentication, it is important to update this information. You will need to log in with your full Webster email address and password. It is recommended to have at least two methods set on your account.

Update Security/Authentication Methods

For information about logging in to Connections for the first time, please visit First-Time Account Access.

WorldClassRoom (Canvas)

All course content is accessed through WorldClassRoom (requires login with your Webster ID and password).

ACCESS WorldClassRoom

Webster Course Schedule Search

Search and view Webster University course schedules for a given year and term.


Webster Email and Calendar (Outlook)

Your Webster account includes an email inbox and calendar, powered by Microsoft Outlook. You may access these services through the Connections Portal 2.0, or directly with your Webster credentials.


Webster Zoom Account

Log in to your Webster University Zoom account with your Webster ID and password.

Log in to your Webster Zoom Account

Information Technology Service Desk

The University's IT service desk is the single point of contact for all technology issues, including those related to email and online courses. Visit the Information Technology website to learn more about services and capabilities, more details on our intranet Connections (requires login) page. For help in resolving an issue, file a service desk ticket, or contact the IT service desk by phone or email.



IT Service Desk Alternate Contact Information:

Phone Email
On campus: Ext. 5995
Off campus: 314-246-5995
Toll-free: 866-435-7270

Webster Facilities Maintenance Request

For non-technology, facilities-related requests at St. Louis campuses, including building repairs, trash removal and office moves, please submit a maintenance work order. Users must create a SchoolDude account.

FILE A Facilities Request (via Schooldude)

Webster Events Calendar

Add your event to the Webster University website calendar! You will be required to create a localist account - use your Webster email and create a unique password. Using the same password as your Webster login is not recommended.

Questions about submitting your event may be submitted to Patrick Giblin, Director of Public Relations at patrickgiblin61@webster.edu.


School Spirit! Webster Gorlok surrounded by students.

How To Add Your Event to the Webster Calendar

To add events to the Webster Events calendar:

  1. Visit our Events page.
  2. If you do not already have a Webster Events account, click SIGN UP at the top of the page.
    **PLEASE NOTE: Do not use your Webster Connections password for Webster Events. You must create a unique log-in account for Webster Events.
    1. We recommend using your Webster email address, but not your Webster Connections password. For security purposes, choose a unique password.
    2. You will be required to provide your name, community (time zone), email address and password.
    3. All event submissions will be reviewed by staff before posting to the events calendar.
  3. If you have a Webster Events account, you may simply LOGIN.
  4. Once you are logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and on the right, below the calendar, there will be a Submit an Event button.
  5. Fill out the form for your event as completely as possible.
  6. Be sure to select the appropriate filters for your event to ensure that it is added to the correct calendars. By providing this information, you ensure that your event will be delivered to the correct marketing channels. Available filters include:
    • Event Type: select the options that most closely describe the content, format and/or intended audience of your event. Please note multiple options can be selected.
    • Category: select the options that most closely describe the department, college or group hosting your event; please note that multiple options can be selected.
      **PLEASE NOTE: If you are hosting your event online (virtually), please include the Online category.
    • Department: if your department is listed, select it. Otherwise, make sure your department or school/college is selected under Category.
    • Group: used for clients or departments who host event series or many events; a group for these events may be specified. If your event falls under one of the ones listed, select it.
  7. Add Event. Your event will be added to the queue for review and publication.

Repeat this process for each event. If you have a large number of events to add at once, you can contact the administrator for additional instructions.

Questions about submitting your event may be submitted to Patrick Giblin, Director of Public Relations, at patrickgiblin61@webster.edu.


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