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asa logoAfrican Student Association (ASA)
The purpose of the Webster University African Student Association is to serve as a platform where members will come and discuss about African issues as well as sharing their culture. This association is to also organize events where every body can come.

Alpha Lambda Pi logoAlpha Lambda Pi (Accounting Club)
To offer personal and professional enrichment and career development opportunities for students engaged in the study of Accountancy through networking and carefully planned business events.

aiga logoAmerican Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA)
What is AIGA? AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), the professional association for design, is the place design professionals turn to first to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research and advance education and ethical practice.

GorlokAmerican Sign Language Club
Let your hands do the talking! Our mission is to provide opportunities to connect with signers at Webster, promote awareness and understanding of Deaf culture and ASL, and to expand sign language experiences and proficiency while learning cross culture communication skills.

Amnesty International logoAmnesty International
Amnesty International is an international organization dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights around the world.

aaac logoAssociation for African American Collegians (AAAC)
“The Association for African American Collegians is an organization devoted to diversity, community service, and unity through social events and social awareness while creating a sense of belonging for its members.“

aes logoAudio Engineering Society (AES)
The Webster University Student Section of the Audio Engineering Society is one of the most active sections anywhere of an international trade organization dedicated to all forms of audio. Formed in 2003, we have hosted events featuring Rupert Neve, Alan Parsons, Bill Porter, Paul Lehrman, Elliot Scheiner, Bob Heil, Phil Ramone, Geoff Emerick, Jim Anderson, George Massenburg and more.

bass logoBehavioral and Social Science Club (BaSS)
The Anthropology and Sociology Club exists to promote a meeting ground for all students interested in anthropology, psychology, & sociology where they can share ideas and information while expanding their research interests and goals for the future.

Campus Activities logoCampus Activities
Campus Activities is the campus-wide programming arm of the University Center and Student Activities. We coordinate major events, such as Homecoming and Springfest, sneak movie previews, annual events, such as Welcome Week and Casino Night, as well as intramural sports.

Catholic Student Union logoCatholic Student Union
The purpose of the Catholic Student Union is to discuss, promote, share, and learn about the Catholic faith.

Chainlink Improv logoChainlink Improv
Have an itch for performing and comedy? Chainlink is the place for you!! We meet every Monday night at 9:30 in Sverdrup Rm. 123. Whether you're an amateur or seasoned professional, there is a place for everyone in Chainlink!

Cheerleaders logoCheerleaders
Webster University Cheerleading is the foundation for academic and athletic spirit! The Webster University Cheerleaders are a group of spirited and talented individuals who supports Webster University events by promoting school spirit and sportsmanship.

CSA logoChinese Student Association (CSA)
The Chinese Student Association (CSA)'s purpose is to promote communication, friendship and academic exchange amongst its members. CSA provides help and services to its members, especially those who are new to Webster University. The other goal of the organization is to promote friendship, mutual understanding and cultural exchange between its members and the Webster University Community.

Commuter Council logoCommuter Council
The Webster University Commuter Council is an advocate for concerns specific to commuter students, the majority of our student population. Encouraging campus unity through partnerships with departments, student organizations, and on-campus residents, the Commuter Council strives to create the best possible college experience for Webster University students.

Cru logoCru
Cru is a christian organization dedicated to students who are looking for spiritual answers or are already convinced about their spirituality.

Dance Club logoDance Club
Dance Club is comprised of dance Majors, minors, and others interested in the art of dance. We raise funds to participate in the American College Dance Festival, and have numerous master classes.

Delta Phi Epsilon logoDelta Phi Epsilon
Delta Phi Epsilon was formed...“for the purpose of promoting good fellowship among sorority women... to help... in acquiring knowledge, appreciation, discriminating judgment, and a true feeling of sisterly love through the interaction of sympathetic and friendly natures."

Encounter logoEncounter
Encounter Real God, Real Love, Real People

GorlokForensics and Debate
This organization has not yet updated their description.

Freshman Club logoFreshman Council
A group of freshman students who organize and plan events for the freshman class to enjoy. As well as create traditions and build a strong freshman community.

Gorlok Central CommandGorlok Central Command
Gorlok Central Command is a paintball club that exists to let students learn about and enjoy the sport of paintball. Paintball is best played with friends and this club creates a fun and relaxed playing environment.

GorlokGorlok Television (GTV)
Gorlok Television, is a student-run on-campus television station that is committed to doing its best to get fresh content out to Webster U. Stay tuned as we continue to reinvent your student station: GTV Channel 10.

Green FuseGreen Fuse
The student literary magazine of Webster University

Human vs Zombies logoHumans Versus Zombies (HvZ)
The Purpose of this group is to plan the week HvZ long game, to create inter organization involvement with other groups, and to provide other fun activities throughout the year to get more student involvement in the Spring HVZ game and other campus activities.

IGC logoInternational Gaming Club (IGC)
Have fun and learn how the rest of the world does it. Join us on an international adventure, investigating and participating in cultural games, uncommon in the U.S, some as ancient as 500 BC, like Mahjongg, Go, or Tien len!

ISA logoInternational Student Association (ISA)
The International Student Association's mission is to unite all students of diversity, and to acknowledge the cultural aspects and similarities that these diverse students offer to Webster University. ISA will also assist international students in adapting to campus and college life and to any other situations they may encounter.

JSA logoJapanese Student Association (JSA)
JSA is a long standing student organization at Webster University, significantly successful for recent years by joining and performing at every MCISA event, collaborating with International Language & Culture Department and other student organizations, and launching flourishing Japanese Cultural Night each academic year.

Knitting Club logoKnitting Club
Despite the name, this club is for both knitters and crochetters. You can join if you have no experience, or if you have a lifetime of experience. Our goal is to make projects as a group and as individuals.

Latent Image Photography ClubLatent Image Photography Club of Webster University (Latent Image)
The official photography club of Webster University. Looking to promote, enhance, and further photographic knowledge, involvement, and opportunities within the Webster community and student body.

laso logoLatin American Student Organization (LASO)                  
LASO is a student organization geared towards providing a common ground for the Latino community, as well as to those who are willing to learn more about it. Our events are for all of Webster's community to come, enjoy and discover Hispanic culture.

Law Club logoLaw Club
Legal organization that fosters interest in law, debate, and professional development. The club is open to any interested member of the Webster University community.

Lit ClubLiterature Club
Our mission is to encourage and engage with the art of the written word both amongst ourselves and within the greater community. We are open to anyone and everyone who shares a love for literature and wishes to join in the promotion of reading and writing.

mcc logoMarketing Communications Club (MCC)
The Marketing Communications Club acts as a bridge between college and the professional world. Students gain a competitive edge for their careers by hosting guest speakers, attending conferences, and networking with advertising professionals.

Mu Epsilon Kappa Theta Sigma logoMu Epsilon Kappa Theta Sigma (MEK Theta Sigma)
We seek to create a safe space for "nerds" and "geeks" of all stripes.

MSA logoMuslim Students Association (MSA)
The MSA is an organization dedicated to providing an inclusive,inviting, educational and social environment for Webster Muslims and works to build bridges amongst them and other groups on campus and in the St. Louis community.

NAfME is the Webster University chapter of the national organization, the National Association for Music Education. Members are interested in the practice and preservation of music education for students of any age and skill level.

NRHH logoNational Residence Hall Honorary
The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is the premiere honorary supported by the leading national organization advocating for the interests and welfare of residence hall students, while also providing opportunities for their personal growth and development. NRHH strives to provide recognition for individuals who have contributed to the advancement of college and university housing.

Philosophy Club logoPhilosophy Club
WU Philosophy Club brings students who have interest in philosophy together, allowing them to discuss philosophical issues as well as anything else that may come to mind. Anyone can join regardless of major or past philosophical experience.

PRSSA logoPublic Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
PRSSA promotes the teaching of ethics and practice in the field of public relations. Along with informational and educational meetings and events, PRSSA provides students the opportunity to engage in networking opportunities with St. Louis-area professionals and more.

RHA logoResidential Housing Association (RHA)
As the voice of the residents, Residential Housing Association (RHA) is a key student organization on campus, and an integral part of the Office of Housing and Residential Life. RHA offers excellent leadership opportunities for all resident students.

Recreational and friendly Soccer matches to integrate students of all ethnicities through soccer.

SILCSociety of International Languages & Cultures (SILC)
We're interested in international languages and we hold events that support that interest. If you like to experience new cultures through music, food, presentations and outings, look us up!

SPJ logoSociety of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
The purpose of the SPJ is to provide information and opportunities to enhance the career of students seeking a job in journalism, as well as providing a forum to discuss timely news topics and networking opportunities.

GorlokStudent Ambassadors
The Webster University Student Ambassadors serve as the official student representatives for Webster University's President's Office and Office of Alumni and Development Programs.

SAAC logoStudent Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
A student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes' lives on NCAA member institution campuses.

SEA logoStudent Education Association (SEA)
The Student Education Association is an organization for students enrolled in teacher education programs and educational studies at Webster University. By attending meetings and becoming involved students gain insight from their peers and SoE faculty.

SGA logoStudent Government Association (SGA)
Webster University Student Government Association – or SGA – is the student governing organization, which sponsors and supports student activities on the campus. It is the main vehicle for student input into activities of the University and policies affecting student life. SGA coordinates and allocates a budget in excess of $100,000, charters new student organizations, and recommends changes and improvements to the University.

SBSStudents for Biological Sciences (SBS)
Students for Biological Sciences aims to promote scientific learning and to establish an open educational community for all. Come to our bi-weekly meetings to inquire, discuss, experiment, and learn. Everyone is welcome.

SIFE logoStudents in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
Our mission is to bring together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.

Surfacing logoSurfacing Theatre (Surfacing)
Surfacing Theatre is Webster's primary performance, playwriting, and directing organization. Students have the opportunity to write, direct, tech, or perform in our annual Fall Musical Revue, Spring One-Act Festival, Monologue Festivals, and much more!

GorlokSwim Club
The Swim Club is a group for people that love water games, water sports and swimming. This is not a competitive club. We just want to get different kinds of people and have fun playing at the pool. Everyone is welcome to our club, regardless of swimming experience. Most of the activities we'll be doing will be at the shallow end of the pool, so most people should be able to stand and not worry about swimming.

The Galaxy logoThe Galaxy
The Galaxy Radio is Webster's student voice. The station is internet based and student-run. The mission of The Galaxy Radio is to help students find an outlet to entertain and have fun while fostering an educational experience.

GorlokThe Journal
The news source and student voice of Webster University.

Gospel Choir logoThe Webster University Gospel Choir
Our purpose is to raise the level of awareness in the area of gospel music. Members will learn how to reach a level of professionalism by perfecting their voices and developing a good sense of sound in a gospel chorale setting. Our concept as a whole will be "Ministry over Performance." Therefore, members will learn the importance of delivering gospel music through a Faith-base setting.

Video Game Club logoVideo Game Club
The Webster Video Game club consists of a diverse group of gamers. Our goal is to have fun, and play together. We welcome casual gamers, hardcore gamers, and anyone in between. In condition, we play with a variety of game consoles and systems.

Webster Arts CoalitionWebster Arts Coalition
Webster Arts Coalition (WAC) is an organization for art on campus. We will be hosting artist lectures, demonstrations, trying out new materials, critiquing eachothers work, setting up student shows, and advocating gallery openings.

Webster Conservative SocietyWebster Conservative Society (WCS)
The Webster Conservative Society is a group of conservative students who aim to promote the principles of limited government under the Constitution, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility and other conservative values on campus.

WFVS logoWebster Film and Video Society (WFVS)
The Webster Film and Video Society is a student-led organization open to Webster University students of all majors who seek to contribute their talents to help make the dream of creating motion pictures possible.

WILD logoWebster Initiative for Land Development Gardeners (W.I.L.D. Gardeners)
The purpose of the W.I.L.D. Gardeners is to maintain and develop green space on the Webster University campus in an environmentally responsible way and to educate Webster students, faculty, and staff on important agricultural sustainability issues by providing workshops, speakers, and events on these various topics.

Webster LGBTQ Alliance logoWebster LGBTQ Alliance
Webster LGBTQ Alliance is Webster University's only student organization catered toward the support, education, and rights of Webster's vibrant LGBTQ population, and the allies who support them.

Webster QuidditchWebster SIGGRAPH
We are an incredibly fun and interesting group of artistic, technical, and otherwise brilliant people gathering every 2 weeks to eat food, learn from each other and industry professionals. We are all about networking and getting our feet into the ever changing and hard to crack industry door. We bring in speakers from all over and cater an Animation, VFX, and Interactive Media festival in the Spring, christened Kinematifest.

WSCC logoWebster Students Community Connection (WSCC)
The purpose of Webster Students Community Connection is to strengthen the relationship of the Webster Groves community and Webster University through collaborative efforts and outreach.

WSES logoWebster Students for Environmental Sustainability (WSES)
Webster Students for Environmental Sustainability strives to promote environmental awareness and enhance campus sustainability through student action on the Webster campus and in the surrounding communities. We welcome and encourage all students.

Webster Art History SocietyWebster University Art History Society (Webster AHS)
The Art History Society exists to aid in art historical research, encourage awareness of current art happenings, and connect those with an interest in the arts.

WUSSSlogoWebster University Secular Student Society (WUSSS)
The club's purpose is to provide a community for the sharing of information related to the history, current events, and foundational ideas of secularism, agnosticism, and atheism as well as participation in campus activities that pertain to these ideas.

Webster DancelineWebster University's Danceline (Danceline)
Webster Danceline is a Webster University organization. We support our sports teams and entertain the fans.We perform at halftime at men and women's home basketball games. Webster's Danceline is a fun way to meet new people and dance your heart out!

WWebsterLEADS is an on-going application of scholarship and practical leadership experience empowering our diverse student population to develop and excel as global citizens.