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Important Dates & Campus Closures

  • Jan. 18, 2021: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
  • May 31, 2021: Memorial Day (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
  • July 5, 2021: U.S. Independence Day observed (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
  • Sept. 6, 2021: Labor Day Holiday (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
  • Nov. 25-26, 2021: Thanksgiving Break (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)

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Term Dates: March 15, 2021 - May 14, 2021

  • March 19 Drop Deadline
  • April 23 Withdrawal Deadline
  • May 8 Commencement Ceremony
  • May 21 Grades Due
Course Section/Campus Description
MBA 5100 LT/Metro & LR/Base (WebNet+ hosted by Webster Groves) Adding Value through Human Capital
MNGT 5000  LT/Metro  Management 
MRKT 5000  LT/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Colorado Springs Campus)  Foundations of Marketing Strategic Thinking 
BUSN 5000  LT/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Kansas City Campus)  Business 
Busn 6120  LR/Base  Managerial Economics 
CSSS 5110  LT/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Kansas City Campus)  Cybersecurity Communications 
MNGT 5590  LT/Metro  Organizational Behavior 
PADM 5850  LR/Base  Research and Assessment in Public Administration 
BUSN 6070  LT/Metro  Management Accounting 
Busn 6150  LT/Metro  Business Communications and Technology 
BUSN 6200  LT/Metro  Strategy and Competition 
HRDV 5560  LR/Base  (WebNet+ hosted by Colorado Springs Campus) Group Development and Change 
HRMG 5000 LT/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Kansas City Campus) Managing Human Resources
MBA 5020 LT/Metro & LR/Base (WebNet+ hosted by Webster Groves) Quantitative Methods for the MBA
BUSN 5200  LT/Metro  Basic Finance for Managers 
BUSN 5760  LT/Metro  Applied Business Statistics 
HLTH 5040  LT/Metro  Human Resource Management in Health Administration 
HRMG 6000  LT/Metro  Integrated Studies in Human Resources Management 
MBA 5030 LT/Metro & LR/Base (WebNet+ hosted by Webster Groves) Market Analysis and Business Planning
PADM 6000  LR/Base  Integrated Studies in Public Administration 
Schedule is Subject to Change


Term Dates: August 16, 2021 - October 15, 2021

  • April 12 Registration Begins
  • August 20 Last Day to Register
  • August 20 Drop Deadline
  • Sept 24 Withdrawal Deadline
  • Oct 22 Grades Due

Syllabi will be available in WorldClassRoom the Friday before the term starts

Textbook information can be found at the below link. The Division is the campus (Webster University Campus Worldwide or Online Program). The Department is the prefix of the course (BUSN, ITM, HLTH, HRDV, HRMG, MNGT, PADM). Then select your course and section

Schedule is Subject to Change

Course Section/Campus Description
HLTH 5000 38/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by LR Metro Campus) Organization andManagement in Health Administration
HRDV 5750 35/Base (WebNet+ hosted by Westport) Research and Assessment in Human Resources Development
MBA 5010 38/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Webster Groves) Value Creation
HRMG 5920 38/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by LR Metro Campus) Compensation
MBA 5020 38/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Webster Groves) Quantitative Methods for the MBA
MNGT 6000 38/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by LR Metro Campus) Integrated Studies in Management
PADM 5820 35/Base (WebNet+ hosted by LRAFB Campus) Public Research Design and Analysis
MBA 5100 38/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Webster Groves) Adding Value through Human Capitol
MNGT 5590 38/Metro & 35/Base WebNet+ hosted by LR Metro Campus) Organizational Behavior
PADM 5840 35/Base (WebNet+ hosted by LRAFB Campus) Public Budget and Finance
MBA 5030 38/Metro (WebNet+ hosted by Webster Groves) Market Analysis and Business Planning
Schedule is Subject to Change



Click the below link to view our 2021 Commencement Ceremony Celebration. It premieres June 5, 2021

Webster University Little Rock Area Virtual Commencement Ceremony 2021

This year because of the COVID-19 emergency we won’t be able to graduate in the normal way. However, we want to make things as special as we possibly can for all our graduating students. On June 5, 2021 we’ll have a virtual celebration ceremony. We will honor you as individuals and you’ll be part of a special communal experience online.

We are focused on celebration, the sense of occasion, being with friends and recognizing your unique place in human history. The resilient Class of 2021 will be forever immortalized! Our wish is to create a memorable, uplifting moment for you.

We want you to look forward with confidence, look forward to graduating and look forward to your future! We’re delighted to welcome you to your virtual graduation. Congratulations!

PERSONAL INVITATION – On April 15, 2021 you will receive an email to your Webster’s email address with a link to upload a photo, personal message, and/or 10 second video. Your personal messages will be included in the ceremony for all to see.

VIRTUAL CEREMONY - June 5, 2021 - 1 p.m. - We’ll use your custom content and put you in the graduation procession with your fellow classmates. On the big day, invite your friends and family to join!

ALUMNI GIFT - You’ll also receive your personal StageClip – an individual recognition video clip which celebrates your achievement.  Share it proudly!

Additional information to share AFTER your upload invitations are sent from StageClip

If you cannot locate your personal invitation to upload content for the virtual graduation, please be sure to first check your spam/junk mail folder. You can also visit StageClip and enter your campus email address to request that a new invitation be sent. Remember, your invitation is unique to you, please do not share your link with other graduates.

Downtown Little Rock
200 West Capitol Ave.
Suite 1500
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone (501) 375-1511, Fax (501) 375-1623 |

Little Rock Air Force Base
1490 Vandenberg Blvd.
Suite 109
Jacksonville, AR 72099
Phone (501) 988-5331, Fax (501) 988-1571 |

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