A New Way to Define Excellence

The Gleich Honors College defines excellence by the diversity of students welcomed into the program and the quality of their achievements.

Small and highly selective, the Honors College enrolls about 15 of the 500 freshmen entering the University each year. Students receive individual attention through seminar courses typically found only in small colleges while enjoying the vast range of academic opportunities available only at a major research university.

Courtyard view of Webster University Night of Honors event
Gleich Honors College student meeting Chancellor Beth Stroble
Peter and Marianne Gleich talking with incoming Honors College students and their parents
Honors College students socializing at an outdoor event
Interim Director of Gleich Honors College Emily Thompson greeting incoming honors students
Webster students attending outdoor Night of Honors event
Peter and Marianne Gleich, Chancellor Stroble, and President Schuster with Gleich Honors College students

The Honors College Advantage

Special Honors College Curriculum

Small, interdisciplinary seminars will help you develop critical and analytical skills, and make you think about the world in new ways. These courses are only open to honors college students and average in size around 15 students. 

All Gleich Honors Students have the opportunity to participate in research with diverse methodologies early on their undergraduate experience. This opens the door to additional research opportunities that prepare students for an ever-evolving professional world.

Opportunity to Work Closely with Faculty

Form intellectually stimulating relationships with faculty members who are among the most distinguished in their fields. Partake in a problem-solving/research project with guidance from a faculty mentor with expertise in an area of your choosing.

Personalized Guidance

Receive individualized advising and custom-tailor your academic program. Your advisor will also help you explore Webster's broad range of academic and cultural opportunities outside the classroom.

Night of Honors event

The Gleich Honors College Mission

Night of Honors event
  • Critically apply different research methodologies to both local and global contexts.
  • Design, present, and assess projects and their budgets for meaningful community collaboration.
  • Advocate for students' own academic goals through leveraging available resources and through effective communication.
  • Collaborate across intercultural lines with openness, empathy, and curiosity.

First-Year Admissions Criteria for the Gleich Honors College

Gleich Honors Student Profile

Admission to the Gleich Honors College is based on a range of criteria. We are looking for bright, energetic students who have demonstrated an ability to succeed in our rigorous academic program and to take advantage of the research, creative, and cultural opportunities available at Webster University. Admission is highly competitive.

Students accepted into the program will be able to register in advance for classes and spend time together with other Gleich Honors College members in a space dedicated to fostering a close-knit community of high achieving students.

of incoming freshmen admitted to Gleich Honors College

Successful applicants to this program (the middle 50th percentile range) have historically had 3.75-4.0 high school GPAs. If submitting test scores, 1350-1450 SAT composite scores, and a 27-34 ACT composite score.

High School Grades

3.75-4.0 high school GPA

SAT (optional)

1350-1450 SAT composite score

ACT (optional)

27-34 ACT composite score

*Meeting the typical minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to consider applicants with credentials below these minimums based on extraordinary circumstances, including excelling in the face of adversity and overcoming life obstacles.

It is important to have succeeded in challenging courses while showing energy and leadership in extracurricular areas of interest, such as the visual, performing and literary arts, athletics, sciences, community service, or student government.
Marianne and Peter Gleich
Recognizing Marianne and Peter Gleich

“It is our belief that the Gleich Honors College will provide an opportunity to challenge Webster’s talented students today as well as tomorrow.”

Marianne and Peter Gleich
Marianne and Peter Gleich

Longtime supporters of Webster University

Webster University to Launch Honors College with $1 Million Gleich Donation

Marianne Gleich, an alumna with a degree in French, has been a donor for four decades. She and her husband, Peter, have also established Webster scholarships for French, international business, and study abroad programs. In 2019, the Gleichs were recipients of Webster University’s Visionary Award for their long-standing, visionary dedication to Webster and its students and commitment to scholarships and study abroad opportunities.

General Information

Gleich Honors College students major in departments and programs across the campus. Current students are enrolled in majors ranging from Art History to Biological Sciences and Music to Mathematics. The Gleich Honors College curriculum provides a special environment for the part of the undergraduate academic career outside of the major area of study.

Honors College students take leading roles in the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the university, while pursuing their choice of any of Webster University’s 100+ academic majors, minors and combined-degree programs. The culmination of a student's efforts at Webster University and the capstone of the Honors College experience will be the completion of a senior project under the guidance of a faculty member in your area of study.

Faculty Name

Karla Armbruster

Professor of English

Faculty Name

Joanna Finch

Associate Vice President New Student Enrollment

Ryan Groeneman

Ryan Groeneman

Professor of Biology

Gad Guterman

Gad Guterman

Chair of the Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Kelly Heath

Kelly Heath

Director of Study Abroad

Kim Kleinman

Kim Kleinman

Director of Undergraduate Advising

June Kyu Park

June Kyu Park

Assistant Professor of Film, Television and Video Production, Media Arts

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson

Professor of French and Global Studies

Bruce Umbaugh

Bruce Umbaugh

Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Global Citizenship Program


Cultural and Social Activities

Go on field trips to museums, theaters, and other places of interest. Attend musical presentations and guest lectures. St. Louis offers unlimited cultural programming within a few miles of campus.

​​​​​​​St. Louis City/Forest Park Trips

​​​​​​​Once a quarter, the Honors College students are invited on a Saturday of exploration in the beautiful Forest Park or downtown at one of the hottest landmarks, like the City Museum.  St. Louis offers unlimited cultural programming within a few miles of campus. Student may also be invited to attend musical presentations and guest lectures. 

At the core of the Honors College curriculum is a series of six honors courses taught by leading scholars in a broad range of academic disciplines. These courses emphasize the development of skills in critical thinking, persuasive writing, and intercultural competence.

Honors College students typically take four of these courses in their freshman year, one in their sophomore year, and a final course in their junior or senior year. The first two courses are part of a learning community focused on making a positive impact through meaningful community service. Two global citizenship courses from a select list constitute the honors curriculum during the spring semester of the first year. The sophomore course is designed to guide students in their interdisciplinary research. The culminating academic experience is an honors Keystone Seminar.

All Gleich Honors Students have the opportunity to participate in research with diverse methodologies early on their undergraduate experience. This opens the door to additional research opportunities that prepare students for an ever-evolving professional world. 

Students have also explored activities in painting, ceramics, photography, computer art, music performance, music composition, theater, dance, poetry and novel writing, journalism, and television production. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Gleich Honors College curriculum is completely independent of your major (at present, our students represent all 5 schools/colleges and many different majors).  It is designed to complement your major of choice and fulfill Webster University Global Citizenship requirements.  

Yes.  You are expected to maintain a GPA of a 3.0 to remain in good standing.  

This is a common misconception.  Honors courses are designed to give students an intellectually stimulating college experience that requires them to analyze lessons in a different way than non-honors courses.  Although the number and scale of assignments are not necessarily greater, a higher standard of quality is expected.

Although the Gleich Honors College classes and mini-courses are only open to students within this program, they make up only about one quarter of your academic credits.  All other classes will be taken with regular Webster University students.  This gives the Gleich Honors College students an opportunity to feel a sense of closeness and community with their fellow Gleich Honors College peers, while encouraging potential friendships outside the Gleich Honors College as well.  

To graduate from Webster University, you need to do two things: complete the requirements for your chosen major (as determined by the faculty and catalog for that department and major), and satisfy an additional set of university requirements that are unrelated to your major.  At Webster University, those university requirements are called Global Citizenship courses.  The Global Citizenship courses includes categories of courses covering the full range of the academic disciplines offered at the university.  The Gleich Honors College curriculum replaces some of the requirements of the GCP coursework.  
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