Sharing Knowledge, Guiding the Future

Through the Webster Mentoring Program, alumni can provide guidance and support to students by interacting with them, exchanging ideas, and sharing their experiences and knowledge of career paths. Mentors serve as role models and leaders as they help students reach their career goals. The Webster Mentoring Program collects applications from alumni (mentors) and current students (mentees) throughout the year.

There is no mentor/mentee matching process facilitated by Advancement or the Career Planning & Development Center. Participating mentees will have the opportunity to access the Mentor Directory and connect with a mentor at their discretion. We welcome alumni inquiries regarding program participation.

For Mentors — Alumni

  • Provide career and professional guidance
  • Encourage student growth and achievement
  • Share knowledge and insights to guide real-world career track preparation
  • Inspire students to develop a vision, set goals and achieve their own success
  • Resources: Webster Mentoring Guide


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For Mentees — Current Students


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