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Explore the Past Through an In-Depth, Global Perspective

Ignite your passion for the past and discover how history has shaped our world with Webster University’s Bachelor of Arts in History. Our History program offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience that goes beyond traditional memorization-focused approaches. You’ll expand your understanding of historical events and their broader context with interdisciplinary work in areas such as political science, international relations and human rights.

As a Webster History major, you’ll develop the know-how to construct well-reasoned arguments and conduct in-depth research across various academic disciplines. By immersing yourself in captivating stories of struggles for freedom, contests for power, changes in identity and social relations, you’ll gain a deep appreciation of the past and the impact historical events continue to have today.

Our program empowers you to analyze and engage history with diverse perspectives, fostering your ability to connect with the experiences of others. This includes exciting Study Abroad opportunities at our campuses in Austria, Switzerland, Greece and The Netherlands, where you can explore world history from a global perspective.

With Webster’s bachelor's degree in History, you’ll gain a solid foundation to advance your career or pursue further education in fields like academia, law, journalism, public service or any field that requires a nuanced understanding of the past.

Students in class, posing with "Hands on History" materials.


Choose Webster for a BA in History

Examine History Through a Global Lens

Our program provides you with a global perspective, allowing you to explore the interconnectedness of historical events and their impact on world issues. At Webster, you can take your History degree even further by studying world history at our campuses located in Vienna, Geneva, Athens and Leiden.

Explore Hands-On Research Opportunities

Research opportunities as a History major allow you to delve deeper into historical topics of interest. Engage in archival research, conduct oral history interviews and explore primary sources to develop a deeper understanding of the past and contribute to historical scholarship.

Learn From Dedicated, Expert Faculty

Faculty members in the Department of History, Politics and International Relations are not only passionate educators but also highly regarded scholars in their fields. The wealth of knowledge and experience they bring to the classroom creates an unparalleled learning environment for History majors. This is further enriched with personalized mentorship and hands-on research opportunities.

Front of H. Sam Priest Center, the academic building for the History department

H. Sam Priest Center, the academic building for the Department of History.


Get the Personal Attention You Deserve

Our Bachelor of Arts in History features small classes, typically around 25 students, which foster an engaging and personalized learning environment. Through collaboration and group activities, you’ll forge meaningful connections with professors and peers, creating a dynamic and vibrant educational experience.

Become a Well-Connected Global Citizen

True to Webster University’s mission, History majors earn a high-quality learning experience, prepared for global citizenship. With our wide-ranging connections, you’ll have access to internships, study abroad programs and hands-on learning opportunities to develop real-world skills and expand your professional network.

History in a Global Setting

At Webster, we pride ourselves in the diverse nature of our global university. With locations all over the globe, as well as cutting-edge programs and technology, Webster is truly global, innovative and diverse. Webster University offers a world-class education and a one-of-a-kind experience. Welcome to the world of Webster University.


[Music fades in with text appearing over a photo of the St. Louis Arch.]

Text on screen: Welcome to Webster University

[Overhead shot of Webster Groves campus with fall leaves and students walking to class.]

Text on screen: and to our Global Campus Network

[A blue and black map of the world.]

Text on screen: Webster University’s Study Abroad Locations

Text on screen: Athens, Greece, Geneva Switzerland, Leiden, the Netherlands, Vienna, Austria

[Various photos of students at a historical site in Athens, aesthetic plants and the beachfront.]

Text on screen: Athens, Greece

[Photos of Geneva campus with mountains in the background, the campus dorms and a group student photo.]

Text on screen: Geneva, Switzerland

[Video of the Webster Leiden campus: multiple white and red buildings, a Webster Leiden flag, and a moving photo of students posing.]

Text on screen: Leiden, the Netherlands

[A photo of the Vienna campus, a large white building. A timelapse of the bustling city and a photo of three diverse students hanging out.

Text on screen: Vienna, Austria

[There is big, bold text in the middle of a photo collage.]

Text on screen: A Leader in GLOBAL EDUCATION

[One of the pieces of the collage mentions Webster’s WINS program and the photos slide out of frame.]

Text on screen: Webster University, WINS (Webster International Network of Schools)

[All text and photos disappeared and is replaced by text sliding into place.]

Text on screen: Webster’s Global Campuses EXPAND STUDY ABROAD for universities & students.

[The text is replaced by a fast-paced photo slideshow. The first photo is five students posing at the Athens campus, sitting on a railing with the sunset behind them. A student takes a photo with their camera phone.]

[A photo of six dance majors posing in the hallway with arms and legs outstretched. A student taking a photo of mountains and water, equipped with camera and hiking gear. A Vienna student bounces a ball on their knee.]

[A brief video of tourists and students at the Acropolis. A photo of a student posing with Greece behind them. A snippet of another video of a windmill in Leiden and cyclists crossing a bridge.]

[The photo slideshow continues. A photo of three students talking with old architecture behind them. A Gorlok poses with a student at an event.]

[Footage of a graduation ceremony at Webster Leiden. Students throw their caps in the air as the video fades to a blue screen.]

Text on screen: Webster University

[Ending video footage of the St. Louis campus.]


Lydia Diedrich
Student Testimonial

“Through the Gleich Honors Program, I have met many students and professors with similar interests and ambitions to my own, and the chance to collaborate with people from so many different backgrounds is truly one of a kind.”

Lydia Diedrich

What Can You Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in History?

Whether your aspirations lie in government, law, journalism, academia, nonprofit management — or any field that demands a nuanced understanding of the past — Webster University’s bachelor’s degree in History provides the foundation you need to advance your career or education.

With a focus on historical analysis, research and critical thinking, our program equips you with sought-after knowledge and skills for diverse and fulfilling professional opportunities. This includes roles such as historian, museum curator, archivist, educator, researcher and more, across diverse industries and sectors.

Our BA in History graduates have gone on to rewarding and impactful careers, including:


  • Historic Preservation Specialist, New Jersey Historic Trust
  • Curator of Local History, Special Collections, Washington University Library
  • Superintendent of State Historic Sites, Illinois
  • Teachers, public and private schools
  • United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Communications Specialist, Research Institute
  • Minister
  • International Business Consultant
  • Volunteer, Peace Corps

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