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Welcome to the world of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Webster University, where curiosity meets action. If you've ever wondered why society still feels a bit tilted, or how gender and sexuality shape our experiences, you'll discover that and more in the BA in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program.

Fueled by the social justice legacy of the Sisters of Loretto, our program dives deep into complex topics, not just through textbooks, but through firsthand research and passionate scholarship. We use an intersectional, transnational and feminist lens to explore how ideas about gender and sexuality intersect with race, class, ability and other facets of who we are.

Think beyond the box of traditional gender studies. With this degree, you'll tackle the big questions: How do media portrayals influence our self-image? How do historical power structures impact today's inequalities? Why are some voices amplified while others are silenced?


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Choose Webster for Your Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Degree

Gain a Global Perspective

Sexuality and gender issues transcend borders, shaping lives everywhere. At Webster, we zoom in from a global lens to examine these intricacies locally, equipping you to analyze, problem-solve and champion diverse solutions that resonate worldwide. Test your theories against reality through internships and our Study Abroad programs.

Engage in a Dynamic Curriculum

Go beyond the textbook to make a difference. Explore diverse perspectives in Queer Theory, Feminist Criminology and Politics and Gender. Put your passion into action through hands-on classes like Women and Gender in Social Justice Organizations, as well as the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies practicum.

Effect Social Justice

Sexuality and gender are global issues with local impact. At Webster, we connect the dots. You’ll have opportunities to work alongside local organizations to effect change on campus and in our community.

Julia Haralson
The William HuddlestonBerry Memorial Endowed Scholarship Recipient

“Since attending Webster University, I have discovered a deep passion for creating social change. I hope to be a radical, justice-oriented pastor, preaching passionately about queer theology, racial reconciliation and justice for the oppressed.”

Julia Haralson
Julia Haralson

BA in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, ’22

What Can You Do with a Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Degree?

Imagine a career where you can tackle real-world inequalities and champion diverse voices. Webster’s Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies major prepares you to make a difference in international nongovernmental organizations, local and national nonprofit organizations, the criminal justice system, social and human service programs and Fortune 500 corporations.

Salaries for Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Degree Graduates

The skills you gain through your degree, such as critical thinking and analysis, communication, research, leadership and collaboration equip you for a variety of roles where you can make an impact, while also earning a strong salary.

For example, Social and Community Service manager jobs are on the rise, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics, with a median annual salary of $74,240 as of May 2022. This booming job market needs your leadership to guide vital programs and empower communities.

Imagine steering the ship at a youth center, spearheading healthcare initiatives or advocating for vulnerable populations. Those are just some examples; your Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies degree opens doors to exciting and impactful careers. 

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