Make a Lasting Impact During Your University Journey

At the Impact Center, we're dedicated to providing signature learning experiences that will shape your educational path like never before. As a student at Webster University, imagine immersing yourself in transformative opportunities that go beyond traditional classroom learning. The Impact Center is your gateway to hands-on experiences, innovative projects and collaborative initiatives that will empower you to make a real difference in the world.

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Two students and professor talk while sitting at table with laptops.

What Sets the Impact Center Apart

Two students and professor talk while sitting at table with laptops.

We curate a diverse range of signature learning experiences, carefully designed to foster personal growth, professional development and community engagement. By participating in these practices, you'll gain practical skills, deepen your understanding of complex issues and build a network of like-minded individuals who share your passion for positive change.

Whether it's internships, research projects, service-learning or global study programs, the Impact Center offers a wide array of opportunities tailored to your interests and aspirations. You can explore your passions, tackle real-world challenges and make meaningful connections across disciplines, all under the guidance of experienced mentors and faculty members.

Nisha Margrum points out one of the many samples of her design work on display.
Caitlyn Vanover and WILLOW Project logo
Denis Milardovic


Through the Impact Center, you will be empowered to step outside your comfort zone, develop critical thinking skills and become a leader in your field. The experiences you gain will not only enrich your education, but also shape your character, preparing you for a purposeful and impactful future.

So if you're seeking more than just a degree, join the vibrant community at the Impact Center. Unleash your potential, broaden your horizons and leave an indelible mark on your university experience. Together, let's make a difference, one high-impact practice at a time.

Types of Experiences Available

Student employment through the Impact Center is designed to give students practical experience while learning on the job. Students have the added benefit of working closely with mentors and possible future employers. Student employment includes on-campus jobs, work-study jobs and on/off-campus internships.

Example: Edward Jones, Career Pathways summer internship

Undergraduate research is a learning experience in which students work with a faculty member to address a research question or problem with unknown outcomes or solutions. Undergraduate research is available in various disciplines to help students learn the process of inquiry and observation.

Example: Ecology research assistants, Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Grace Rogers
WILLOW Project

“This experience has helped me develop skills of problem solving and research. I have had to look for multiple angles to solve a problem.”

Grace Rogers
Grace Rogers

BS in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Sports and Entertainment Management, '25

Co-curricular opportunities where students hold leadership positions that require a certain level of responsibility.

Example: SGA, Student Government Association

Milan Henline
Student Education Association Officer

“Disagreements are a huge part of life, and the talks that we would all have as a group really helped me learn and understand ways to get along ... Having that understanding and knowing the importance of compromise can overcome any type of challenge.”

Milan Henline
Milan Henline

BA in Education with Emphasis in Secondary Mathematics, '25

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These opportunities allow students to learn about world views that differ from their own.

Example: Geneva, Switzerland, KEYS 4005 Global Gender Rights

Lucy Banion
Global Student Leadership Summit

“This experience changed my perspectives on intercultural competence. People are people, no matter where they are from and what their first language.”

Lucy Banion
Lucy Banion

BA in International Human Rights, '26

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These classes allow students to create a project that integrates and applies their learning.

Example: Directing Capstone, Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Greg Almanza
Senior Directing Capstone

“Webster does a fantastic job of developing skills in supported environments, but because of the capstone’s 'putting it together' nature, directing students form new skills that cross disciplines.”

Greg Almanza
Gregory Almanza

BFA in Directing, '23

Class of 2023 Conservatory Showcase site

Service-learning is a form of experiential learning where students are involved in some community program often related to their area of study. It helps students gain valuable experience while also teaching them the benefit of giving back to their communities. Application of concepts and reflection on learning are key components.

Example: Literacy tutor, Student Literacy Corps

Sheila Turan
Student Literacy Corps

“Being a tutor with SLC ... helped me deepen my passion for teaching. Seeing the joy of learning and 'aha' moments shine on my students' faces was the highlight of every tutoring session.”

Sheila Turan
Sheila Turan

MA in TESL, '21, Fulbright Scholar

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