Education for Active-Duty, Veterans and Military Families

Partnering With Our Armed Forces Since 1945

No matter your schedule or existing work, family or military commitments, we can accommodate you — even during deployment. With reduced tuition rates, fee waivers, participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program and the TA Top-Up Program, plus military training transfer credit, we’re here to help.

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Reduced Tuition and Tuition Assistance

Active-duty military, reservists and National Guard enrolled at Webster are eligible for reduced tuition fees, including Webster University Online courses. Tuition assistance may be provided by the military to eligible students.

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Transfer Credit for Military-Taught Courses

Webster University has the third largest selection of graduate programs serving the military. Transfer credit master's degree programs are offered with 42 professional military and Department of Defense schools.

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Webster University Online: Flexible and Accessible

With five terms in an academic year, students can tailor education to their life. Courses are offered in semester or 8- or 9-week periods, with our assortment of in-person, hybrid and Webster University Online options.

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Education Benefit Programs for Veterans

The VA administers a variety of education benefit programs. Many veterans and active-duty personnel can qualify for more than one education benefits program. Webster University courses of study are approved for veterans' educational benefits in compliance with prescribed regulations by special approval agencies in each state and for each country where the University offers programs.

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Top Six Programs for Military-Affiliated Students

Webster University is committed to providing educational programs that are relevant and that help students achieve their goals. These top programs are most popular among our military communities:

Advance your business skills to develop and implement value-creating ideas and solutions in today's worldwide economy. The innovative MBA program at Webster University is designed for professionals who want to shape their own career, upgrade credentials and be strategic players in the world of business.

The MBA dual-degree option combines the MBA curriculum with a core set of coursework in a variety of disciplines. Some of these include:*

  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Arts in Human Resources Development
  • Master of Arts in Human Resources Management
  • Master of Arts in Management and Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Procurement and Acquisitions Management

* For a full list, please see the MBA program page. Not all areas of emphasis or dual-degree programs are offered at every Webster University location. Check with your campus for details.

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The MA in Management and Leadership at Webster University helps you develop and refine the skills you need to be a more strategic manager and innovative leader and more. This program also equips you with the understanding of global business practices and motivational skills needed to not only manage people, but inspire and encourage them, propelling them to greater productivity. The cutting-edge curriculum will help amplify your abilities to develop solutions for complex problems and situations, analyze industry trends, and anticipate, plan and execute organizational change.

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The goal of the human resources management degree is to prepare human resource professionals to address the complexities and challenges of managing today's workforce. The program content is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of the major human resource functions, addressing strategic decisions and operational execution of HR service delivery.

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Webster's counseling degree program combines classroom education and hands-on field experience to provide you with theory and skills needed to work with individuals, couples, families and children in a variety of mental health settings.

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Webster University's cybersecurity programs prepare students and professionals to succeed in demanding positions in both the public and private sectors, protecting the ever-expanding, global reach of computer systems. Graduates may oversee, operate or protect critical computer systems, information, infrastructures and communications networks from cyber crime, cyber fraud or cyber espionage.

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Related Programs:

  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence
  • MS in Data Analytics

Procurement and contract professionals must have excellent communication, management and leadership skills. Being a stellar procurement and acquisition manager requires you to get the best product at the best price, on time and in the right place.

Webster University’s MA in procurement and acquisition management is ideal for individuals seeking to excel in this career field. Students studying procurement and acquisition management will graduate with an understanding of the role and the practice of supply management in a variety of organizations from nonprofit to corporate to government.

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