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The mission of the Office of Privacy is to protect both personal and sensitive information promoting transparency for prospective students, current students, faculty, adjunct faculty, alumni, employees and all other constituents of Webster University.

We work diligently to preserve individuals' privacy. We strive to be a valued partner and adviser to the entire University community, to protect the integrity of data collected, created, transmitted, released, stored and otherwise processed by Webster University.

We view privacy compliance as a responsibility of all constituents of the University community and work toward implementing the appropriate systems and structures to provide all employees and business units support, advice and guidance to assure that ethical and regulatory requirements are identified and met.

We adhere to the regulatory requirements governing our organization and we work to ensure privacy compliance with all sovereign, federal and state agencies as well as with all accrediting agencies/regulators. We strive to meet or exceed industry standards and best practices.

Our vision and goals are built upon a foundation of three cross-curring themes: collaboration, enhancements and innovation, and resources utilization and optimization

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