Building Captain and Floor Manager Volunteer Form

Webster University is committed to campus safety as a method of promoting a positive, productive learning environment. To better serve the University community, a building manager safety program was established. This program was developed with the primary goal of safety education, awareness and training. It focuses on the safety of building occupants through timely dissemination of information and improved identification of safety hazards.

Our Program

The program is based on voluntary participation drawn from within the University. Volunteers are trained annually by Public Safety to perform as building captains, representing the entire facility; or floor managers who represent sub-areas of a building.  Building Captains and Floor Managers are NOT expected to risk their personal safety by delaying their own evacuation from a building in order to perform rescue or structural firefighting activities to which they are neither trained nor properly equipped. In order for an employee to be a building captain or floor manager the employee’s supervisor must give approval.

The Building Captains and Floor Managers will provide education to occupants of their respective buildings and disseminate information that is intended to increase safety awareness and facilitate evacuations. During emergencies and emergency tests, the Building Captains and Floor Managers will aid first responders by identifying persons unaccounted for or unable to evacuate and assist as needed. During actual emergencies, local authorities will assume on-scene command as trained first responders.

Emergency Response Building Volunteers

Volunteer to be an emergency response building captain or floor manager at the Webster Groves main campus by submitting this application. 

Additional Building Captains & Floor Manager Information

The building captains will be the safety representative and point-of-contact within a building or designated area for safety matters.

 In relation to safety and health, Building Captains will:

1. Serve as the point of contact for safety information and incident reporting for all building occupants.

2. Orient all new staff and faculty assigned to their designated areas in the safety procedures and equipment, including:

  • Building evacuation procedures
  • Exit locations
  • Areas for assembly
  • Fire alarm and fire extinguisher locations
  • Locations of first aid kits and automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Other pertinent safety related building and area information

The Floor Manager will be the point of contact for building occupants within their floor of area.

Floor manager responsibilities are:

  • Ensure procedures to aid individuals requiring special assistance to evacuate the building are known and understood by occupants.
  • Provide evacuation procedure training for their assigned areas.
  • Know the location of fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, and AEDs in their assigned areas.
  • Help assemble and account for people during evacuation procedures.
  • Serve as alternate Building Captain when necessary.

Building Captains and Floor Managers must have the approval of their supervisor to perform in such capacity.  They must be able to commit to one eight hour training day per year to occur on the Webster Groves campus.