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Enhance Your Career Opportunities with Your Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Degree

Consider a career in the medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacology or other related field. This master's program may be of interest if you have an undergraduate background in biology, biomedical sciences, health sciences or related degrees.

Webster University’s Biomedical Sciences MS degree program can help you enhance your scientific understanding, focus your career path and achieve your professional goals. You’ll build on your existing knowledge and skills in biological sciences to attain mastery in biomedical sciences.

Our program allows you to develop deep theoretical knowledge, in addition to critical thinking skills that will help you excel in your chosen career field. Earning your Biomedical Sciences MS degree from Webster can also improve your profile for continued postgraduate training in programs related to health care, clinical and biomedical research and other areas, depending on your interests and aspirations.

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Boost Your Biomedical Sciences Offerings through Strong Program Outcomes

With your Webster Biomedical Sciences MS, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a deep and integrated understanding of the biological sciences and their implication on the advancement of health and biomedical science.
  • Employ critical analysis and reasoning skills and the application of these skills to the design and execution of scientific inquiry relevant to specific biomedical disciplines.
  • Generate and effectively communicate scientific knowledge relevant to specific biomedical disciplines (medical, dental, pharmaceutical and others).
  • Develop a commitment to lifelong learning and career pursuits within health and biomedical science disciplines.
  • Foster a commitment to health equity and ethics.

Choose Webster for Your Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Degree

Develop Real-World Insights From Hands-On Learning

Our human gross anatomy laboratory spaces contain relevant technologies and equipment for the real-world study of biomedical sciences. You’ll also develop a deep understanding of the human body through student-led cadaver dissections. Additional hands-on learning opportunities are offered through coursework in human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, immunology and microbiology.

Learn From and Collaborate with Expert Faculty

As a Biomedical Sciences master’s program student, you’ll learn from faculty members who are trained scientists and experts across a wide range of biomedical sciences and related disciplines. Your instructors are dedicated to providing close personal attention in small classes. Opportunities to conduct research are also possible in some courses.

Receive Strong Support While Earning Your Biomedical Sciences MS

Webster’s MS in Biomedical Sciences program supports you from a number of sources. You’ll have access to personal academic advising with the program director individually or in small cohorts. Joining clubs like the Pre-Med Club helps you learn through presentations and events. Accessing Webster’s career services provides support in identifying and obtaining your dream position.

What Can You Do with Your Biomedical Sciences MS Degree?

Many of our master’s in Biomedical Sciences graduates go on to postgraduate training like medical school or other health professions or related research programs. For those graduates preparing to enter the workforce, career positions are available in settings such as biotech companies, health care organizations, medical equipment and supplies manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations and more.

With your Biomedical Sciences MS degree from Webster, you’ll be prepared to seek career positions such as:

  • Biomedical Researcher
  • Biomedical Laboratory Technician
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Chemist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Toxicologist
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