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The graduate program offers a master of science in biomedical sciences degree through which students can pursue multiple career opportunities (medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacology, etc). The program, built on graduate core requirements, is designed with consideration of the individual career goals of the student in health science and research programs.

Education at the graduate level is an expansion of the knowledge attained from undergraduate studies. Graduate education at Webster University encourages the development of theoretical knowledge and critical thinking skills. The sciences are dynamic and require a dedication to continued educational endeavors to stay abreast of current theory and changes presented through research.

The curriculum spans one year of continuous, full-time enrollment starting every Summer term with an annual application deadline of April 15. Classes are held during the day.

Student and professor at lab table talking and writing.

Goals of the MS in Biomedical Sciences

Upon completion of the program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a deep and integrated understanding of the biological sciences and their implication to the advancement of health and biomedical science.
  • Employ critical analysis and reasoning skills and the application of these skills to the design and execution of scientific inquiry relevant to specific biomedical disciplines.
  • Generate and effectively communicate scientific knowledge relevant to specific biomedical disciplines (medical, dental, pharmaceutical, etc).
  • Develop a commitment to life-long learning and career pursuits within health and biomedical science disciplines.
  • Foster a commitment to health equity and ethics.

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