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Nursing and health care are constantly evolving with new technology, research and legislation. Public health organizations, hospitals, clinics, universities and countless other health care settings are recruiting nurses with advanced education — like a Bachelor of Science in Nursing — to fill key roles.

Webster University makes it easy to earn your Nursing degree through our fully online RN to BSN degree program. Our program is tailored to working adults, offering online, part-time enrollment in eight-week terms. Most part-time students complete the program in 2 to 2.5 years. However, since each student has an individualized plan based on the number of transfer credits and their needs, the time in the program may be shorter or longer.

We’ve designed our RN to BSN completion program for Registered Nurses who want to take their nursing practice to the next level. Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program helps you develop the theoretical knowledge and real-world skills needed to meet the growing demands of the nursing profession.

You will learn from professionals in the health care field and acquire knowledge in your classes that can be applied the next day at work. You’ll also develop analytical and communication skills necessary to succeed in a nurse leader position.


Get Credit for Your Education


Our Nursing BSN program allows you to establish credit for prior nursing education.

Because we take a personalized approach with each applicant, we'll work personally with you, going through your transcripts and background to formulate a learning plan for you.


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Choose Webster for Your Nursing BSN

Learn From Nursing Professionals and Leaders in the Field

You’ll learn from passionate and caring full-time faculty who are 100% doctorally prepared, as well as from other part-time faculty who are highly experienced in current practice and specialty areas. Many of our Nursing degree faculty offer clinical expertise as Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists, as well as expertise in research, education, population and public health, behavioral health, leadership, finance, health care policy, and quality and safety.

Our student-centered, approachable faculty have backgrounds in community health, medical surgical nursing, intensive care unit nursing, psychiatric mental health nursing, maternal and newborn nursing and geriatric nursing.

Benefit From a Personal Development Focus and Rigorous Coursework

Webster’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum focuses on holistic health promotion for you, patients and the nursing profession. We place a strong emphasis on your personal development as well as the needs and future of the nursing profession. Our RN to BSN program also embraces the broad, accountable nursing role that is expected by today’s health care organizations and consumers.

Coursework for the Nursing BSN program is rigorous and comprehensive to ensure the highest quality nursing education. We constantly assess and update our courses based on student and faculty input, industry standards and new research.

Program Spotlight: RN to BSN Completion 



Text on screen: Program Spotlight: RN-BSN Completion

Text on screen: Jody Spiess, PhD, RN, GCPH Associate Professor, RN to BSN Coordinator, Nursing

Jody Spiess 

The nursing program at Webster does help deepen the nurse’s practice. So they come to us with a foundation of nursing skills, you know, starting IVs, things like that. We build upon that and give them a more global picture of nursing.

Text on screen: Career Advancement: Taking your Nursing Practice to the Next Level

A lot of the facilities, especially in the St. Louis area, but many facilities across the country, are pushing for nurses to have a BSN as a beginning degree. 

Text on screen: Jane F. Student

Jane F.

I was already a professional functioning nurse, but what it did was it expanded my horizons and enabled me to be able to read statistical reports and research and be able to discern if it was good information.


I couldn't really go any further in my nursing career without a BSN. 

Text on screen: Social Responsibility: Understanding Health Care in a Global and Diverse Environment

Jody Spiess 

One of the things that makes our RN to BSN program unique is the amount of content that we spend on the social determinants of health, which are those factors that impact patient’s health that is not related to acute care.

Text on screen: Factors such as SOCIOECONOMIC CLASS, RACIAL and GENDER

A lot of people tend to think of nursing as a hospital, but there's so much more to that. 

Jane F.

It also broadens my knowledge about community-based nursing.

[Footage of people putting non-perishable food into boxes labeled “Donation”]

It was a great segue for me to return to volunteering in the community, and now I volunteer every weekend at food outreach in preparing meals for people with HIV and cancer who are unable to prepare their own meals. 

Jody Spiess 

They will have a much bigger picture of their patients, their patient’s families, and the environment in which their patient comes from and goes back to.

Text on screen: Flexible Learning: Online Courses for Working Professionals

It’s 100% online, and if you run the class in a way that you are going back and forth with students, talking with them throughout the week, I find that I get to know them better than I did one night a week in the classroom. 

[Footage of Jody Spiess teaching a class online]

Jane F.

You can break it up during your day if you have some downtime during the day. You can access your studies and work on it at that time. 

Jody Spiess 

So online, but we’re available. 


Jane F.

For me personally, Webster University was a small enough community. I didn't feel like I got lost and felt well supported, as well as developing personal relationships with my classmates. I just don't think I would have had that in a large university setting.

[Webster University logo animates on screen]

Text on screen:

[Outro music]

What Can You Do with Your Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree?

Many of our Nursing program graduates are employed at highly regarded organizations, including BJC HealthCare, SSM Health, Mercy Hospital St. Louis, Mercy Hospital South St. Louis, St. Luke’s Hospital, the Veterans Health Administration, St. Louis Community College and Saint Louis University in careers in clinical nursing, nurse administration, nurse education and nursing faculty. Many move into higher levels of management, leadership and educational positions within those organizations. Some move into careers in case management, e-health, quality and safety, and other areas.

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