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Take Your Nursing Practice to the Next Level with Webster

Nursing and health care are consistently evolving with new technology, research and legislation. Today, public health organizations, hospitals, clinics, universities and countless health care settings are recruiting nurses with advanced education to fill key roles.

At Webster University, Department of Nursing students learn from professionals in the health care field and acquire knowledge in class that can be applied the next day at work. And the small faculty-to-student ratio ensures close and individualized academic advising. Students can establish credit for prior nursing education and/or nursing knowledge and skills, and Webster’s corporate partnerships allow the nursing program to extend tuition discounts to MSN students employed by partners.

Nursing Education

Flexible learning for working professionals.

The RN to BSN completion program is tailored to working adults, offering online part-time enrollment in eight-week terms.

MSN classes are currently offered in a Live Virtual (asynchronous, online plus synchronous weekly Zoom meetings) format.

Both RN to BSN and MSN programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Webster nursing student wearing scrubs studying textbook and notes.

Benefits to Earning Your BSN

Webster nursing student wearing scrubs studying textbook and notes.
  • Nurses at the BSN level have higher levels of job satisfaction (Nursing Outlook)
  • Nurses with a BSN earn 22.5% more than nurses with only an associate's degree (Data from PayScale)
  • Over 80% of employers have a strong preference for nurses with a BSN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing)
  • Better patient outcomes are associated with higher proportions of BSN-educated nurses (Medical Care, The Lancet, etc.)

Undergraduate: RN-BSN Completion (Webster University Online)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) completion program is designed for the registered nurse who wants to take nursing practice to the next level. The program helps the registered nurse develop the theoretical knowledge and real-world skills needed to meet the growing demands of the nursing profession and to develop analytical and communication skills for professional excellence.

Our RN-BSN completion program is offered through Webster University Online with part-time, eight-week sessions. RN students may start nursing courses in January or August. Students needing GCP courses or electives beyond the nursing core and Keystone seminar, may start and take these courses in March or October. Applications are due the first Monday in March for March admission to start GCP or elective courses; first Monday in August for August admission; last Monday in September for October to start GCP or elective courses; or the second Monday in December for January admission.

Part-time RN to BSN Tuition Rate: $350 per credit hour*

Webster's RN-BSN completion curriculum focuses on holistic health promotion for the individual student, the profession, the individual client, groups and the population. The faculty represents a variety of health care backgrounds, ensuring each student's exposure to diverse perspectives. Webster University places a strong emphasis on the nurse's personal development, the needs and future of the profession and the broad, accountable nursing role that is needed and expected by today's health care consumer.

*RN to BSN Tuition Rate is for part-time, St. Louis students outside of a corporate partnership cohort agreement.

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professionalism in nursing practice
  • Apply leadership skills to promote a culture of quality care and patient safety
  • Discuss research and evidence as it applies to professional nursing practice
  • Describe the role of information technology in professional nursing practice
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of the impact of health policy, finance, social, political and regulatory processes on the health care system
  • Advocate for the client’s needs in a diverse, global environment
  • Collaborate with clients and other health care professionals to promote quality care
  • Apply principles of health promotion and prevention to individuals and populations

We are currently considering applicants who hold an unencumbered license as a registered nurse in any of the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

Program graduates are employed at highly regarded organizations, including BJC HealthCare, SSM Health, Mercy-St. Louis, Mercy-South, St. Luke’s Hospital, the Veteran’s Health Administration, St. Louis Community College and Saint Louis University in careers as clinical nurses, nurse administrators, nurse educators and nursing faculty.

Webster's Nursing Programs

Webster University’s programs have been consistently listed by U.S. News & World Report as among the best in the United States for multiple years.



Text on screen: Program Spotlight: RN-BSN Completion

Text on screen: Jody Spiess, PhD, RN, GCPH Associate Professor, RN to BSN Coordinator, Nursing

Jody Spiess 

The nursing program at Webster does help deepen the nurse’s practice. So they come to us with a foundation of nursing skills, you know, starting IVs, things like that. We build upon that and give them a more global picture of nursing.

Text on screen: Career Advancement: Taking your Nursing Practice to the Next Level

A lot of the facilities, especially in the St. Louis area, but many facilities across the country, are pushing for nurses to have a BSN as a beginning degree. 

Text on screen: Jane F. Student

Jane F.

I was already a professional functioning nurse, but what it did was it expanded my horizons and enabled me to be able to read statistical reports and research and be able to discern if it was good information.


I couldn't really go any further in my nursing career without a BSN. 

Text on screen: Social Responsibility: Understanding Health Care in a Global and Diverse Environment

Jody Spiess 

One of the things that makes our RN to BSN program unique is the amount of content that we spend on the social determinants of health, which are those factors that impact patient’s health that is not related to acute care.

Text on screen: Factors such as SOCIOECONOMIC CLASS, RACIAL and GENDER

A lot of people tend to think of nursing as a hospital, but there's so much more to that. 

Jane F.

It also broadens my knowledge about community-based nursing.

[Footage of people putting non-perishable food into boxes labeled “Donation”]

It was a great segue for me to return to volunteering in the community, and now I volunteer every weekend at food outreach in preparing meals for people with HIV and cancer who are unable to prepare their own meals. 

Jody Spiess 

They will have a much bigger picture of their patients, their patient’s families, and the environment in which their patient comes from and goes back to.

Text on screen: Flexible Learning: Online Courses for Working Professionals

It’s 100% online, and if you run the class in a way that you are going back and forth with students, talking with them throughout the week, I find that I get to know them better than I did one night a week in the classroom. 

[Footage of Jody Spiess teaching a class online]

Jane F.

You can break it up during your day if you have some downtime during the day. You can access your studies and work on it at that time. 

Jody Spiess 

So online, but we’re available. 


Jane F.

For me personally, Webster University was a small enough community. I didn't feel like I got lost and felt well supported, as well as developing personal relationships with my classmates. I just don't think I would have had that in a large university setting.

[Webster University logo animates on screen]

Text on screen:

[Outro music]

Graduate-Level Study: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Webster's MSN program is designed for working professionals, offering part-time evening courses in eight-week terms in an online blend of asynchronous content, a synchronous Zoom class and real-world practical experiences.

Webster University's Master of Science in Nursing program provides the advanced skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the dynamic field of nursing. Graduate students have the opportunity to learn from nurses representing various backgrounds in the health care field. Integration of theory, evidence and real-world practice enhances the relevance and value of the overall learning experience. Our program attracts nurses in a variety of specialties from both metropolitan and rural health care institutions. Students have opportunities to build professional relationships that cut across geographical, cultural and institutional boundaries.

Individual Attention

A small faculty-to-student ratio ensures individualized academic advising.

Tailored Program

Choose the Nurse Educator or Nurse Leader track according to professional goals.

Applicable Learning

Representing various nursing backgrounds, faculty ensure learning experiences blend theory, evidence and real-world practice.

Webster’s MSN program offers two tracks – Nurse Educator and Nurse Leader – so students can personalize their degree according to professional goals.

  • The Nurse Educator track provides advanced knowledge in instructional methods and principles of curriculum design for application in nurse educator or staff development roles
  • The Nurse Leader track provides the advanced knowledge necessary to lead and manage health care organizations in today’s complex health care environment

Corporate cohort programs allow health care employees at our partner institutions like BJC HealthCare and SSM Health to take courses together, enhancing on-the-job teamwork and encouraging class discussions specific to their workplace. Webster University also extends tuition discounts to nurses working at corporate partner organizations.

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