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Vienna, Austria

Study Psychology, Music, Art or Media in Vienna.

Vienna Summer Sessions

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Geneva, Switzerland

Study Business or International Relations in Geneva.

Geneva Summer Sessions

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Leiden, the Netherlands

Study Psychology or Business in Leiden.

Leiden Summer Sessions

Take an In-Depth Dive Into Specialized Study with Hands-On Experiences

In Summer 2024, Webster University is launching new four-week Study Abroad sessions at three international campuses: Geneva, Leiden and Vienna. Summer 1 is June 3-28, and Summer 2 is July 1-26. Each four-week session will host thematic programs comprised of a three-credit core course and a one-credit experiential learning course. Students can study abroad for one or two sessions and combine program locations for a comparative study abroad experience.


Tracy Vilsaint
Stand Out

“Webster has the mission to transform students for global citizenship and that means a lot to me.”

Tracy Vilsaint
Tracy Vilsaint

BA Management with an Emphasis in International Business, '24

Read More: Studying Abroad Is Preparing Tracy To Make A Global Impact

Some lessons cannot be learned inside a classroom.

Tracy Vilsaint started to understand that early in life. When she was younger, she traveled to her mother’s native country, Haiti, to visit family. In high school, she was selected to travel with a school group to Ghana.

Those experiences cracked open her world view, and once she enrolled at Webster University, she knew she wanted to keep expanding it.

“Webster has the mission to transform students for global citizenship and that means a lot to me."

An International Business major, Tracy spent a few weeks during her junior year in Costa Rica to study the business of coffee production from a wholistic viewpoint. It helped her understand her coursework on another level.

“In Costa Rica, I was able to see firsthand the production process and hear the stories from farmers, which helped me connect with them,” she says. “I learned about the production of coffee and how there are many factors that can impact society, such as sustainability, workers' rights and the economy of countries in the global south.”

Tracy says the intangible skills she learned while abroad will help also her in a global business environment.

“The communication skills I've learned from immersing myself in different cultures will help me achieve my goals. I am able to connect with people from all over the world, helping me gain a better understanding of cultural differences and different communication styles.”

Eventually, Tracy would like to launch a foundation to help fund education initiatives, study abroad programs and other enrichment, for children in economically disadvantaged countries. She says studying abroad should be made more accessible, like it is at Webster.

Webster students are encouraged to take advantage of the many study abroad options available. In addition to her experience in Costa Rica, Tracy decided to spend a semester at Webster’s Vienna campus.

“Studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself to grow as an individual and build connections with others. You may come out of the experience with new knowledge of a different culture, friends, new perspective of the world, understanding a different language, and so many memories.

“It will be one of the best decisions of your life! Take a leap of faith and do it!”


About Webster's Summer Study Abroad Sessions

  • Each session is four weeks long and includes two courses totaling four credit hours.
  • Each session has relevant co-curricular activities and outings for a set program fee (please refer to each theme).
  • Each participating international campus has links to housing costs detailed on its Summer Session page.
  • Students choosing two Summer Sessions can mix and match first and second sessions at different campuses or complete all eight weeks at one campus.

WINS | A Leading Program in Global Education


[Music fades in with text appearing over a photo of the St. Louis Arch.]

Text on screen: Welcome to Webster University

[Overhead shot of Webster Groves campus with fall leaves and students walking to class.]

Text on screen: and to our Global Campus Network

[A blue and black map of the world.]

Text on screen: Webster University’s Study Abroad Locations

Text on screen: Athens, Greece, Geneva Switzerland, Leiden, the Netherlands, Vienna, Austria

[Various photos of students at a historical site in Athens, aesthetic plants and the beachfront.]

Text on screen: Athens, Greece

[Photos of Geneva campus with mountains in the background, the campus dorms and a group student photo.]

Text on screen: Geneva, Switzerland

[Video of the Webster Leiden campus: multiple white and red buildings, a Webster Leiden flag, and a moving photo of students posing.]

Text on screen: Leiden, the Netherlands

[A photo of the Vienna campus, a large white building. A timelapse of the bustling city and a photo of three diverse students hanging out.

Text on screen: Vienna, Austria

[There is big, bold text in the middle of a photo collage.]

Text on screen: A Leader in GLOBAL EDUCATION

[One of the pieces of the collage mentions Webster’s WINS program and the photos slide out of frame.]

Text on screen: Webster University, WINS (Webster International Network of Schools)

[All text and photos disappeared and is replaced by text sliding into place.]

Text on screen: Webster’s Global Campuses EXPAND STUDY ABROAD for universities & students.

[The text is replaced by a fast-paced photo slideshow. The first photo is five students posing at the Athens campus, sitting on a railing with the sunset behind them. A student takes a photo with their camera phone.]

[A photo of six dance majors posing in the hallway with arms and legs outstretched. A student taking a photo of mountains and water, equipped with camera and hiking gear. A Vienna student bounces a ball on their knee.]

[A brief video of tourists and students at the Acropolis. A photo of a student posing with Greece behind them. A snippet of another video of a windmill in Leiden and cyclists crossing a bridge.]

[The photo slideshow continues. A photo of three students talking with old architecture behind them. A Gorlok poses with a student at an event.]

[Footage of a graduation ceremony at Webster Leiden. Students throw their caps in the air as the video fades to a blue screen.]

Text on screen: Webster University

Text on screen: WINS (Webster International Network of Schools)

[Ending video footage of the St. Louis campus.]


Students on boat in canal in front of Webster Leiden campus building
Study Abroad Testimonial

“Studying abroad was the best decision I ever made. It was worth it for the memories alone, but I also made new friends, learned a lot about people and cultures, and was able to experience life on a whole new level.”

Students on boat in canal in front of Webster Leiden campus building
Mallory Neville

BS in Business Administration and Management, '20

Webster University | WINS

Webster WINS Partner Schools

Is your school a Webster WINS partner? If so, you may be eligible for a scholarship up to $500 toward your airfare. Check to see if your school is already a partner!


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