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The BA in Art with an Emphasis in Studio Art degree familiarizes students with the rich tradition of the visual arts, provides them with an understanding of the tools and materials available to the artists as a means of personal expression, shows students that there are fundamental concepts that unify all art, yet allows for infinite variation and introduces alternative ways of looking, seeing, finding and discovering. Students explore a variety of media, learning the techniques and expressive opportunities unique to each. Primary focus in the program is on students finding their own creative and conceptual voice and discovering ways to visually communicate their thoughts and ideas.

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Senior Overview

In order to graduate with a BA in Art with an Emphasis in Studio Art, students must successfully complete a senior overview and participate in the senior show held at the end of the spring semester in the Cecille R. Hunt Gallery. The senior overview usually consists of work done during the final semester of the senior year in one of the indicated studio areas. The work to be shown can be either a part of a regular studio course or a studio-related independent study. Students are sent Senior Overview forms immediately prior to the beginning of the last semester of their senior year. Students designate on their form the studio course in which they intend to do their senior overview. The instructor for that course becomes the student's senior overview advisor. Work submitted is subject to approval by the senior overview advisor and the director for the senior show. Students graduating at the completion of a summer are expected to exhibit in the show prior to completion of coursework.

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