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Transform Data — and Your Career — With Webster’s MS in Data Analytics

Organizations have access to more data than ever and need skilled analysts to help translate it into strategic, better-informed decisions. Gain the knowledge to meet these challenges with a Master’s in Data Analytics degree. At Webster University, we’ll help you develop your data analytics skills by integrating business concepts with the latest methods and technologies to not only solve problems but also identify opportunities. Learn how our Master of Science in Data Analytics can help you positively impact business intelligence in any area you choose.

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A MS in Data Analytics Degree Helps Support Today’s Businesses — and Your Goals

Webster University is proud to be among the few Missouri universities offering a master’s in Data Analytics degree, realizing how critical analysts are to business operations. Your Data Analytics curriculum will include data warehousing, advanced visualization, predictive analysis and forecasting to qualify you to assist in multiple functional areas.

Several Data Analytics courses are dedicated to cybersecurity, empowering you to help safeguard data and operational integrity. You may also choose to explore industry-specific applications, such as marketing or healthcare analytics to satisfy a career interest.

At Webster, you can complete your MS in Data Analytics in three to four years and graduate ready to advance your career.

Ali Panah Niro
Student Perspective

“As someone who loves to work with data and computers, through my Webster degree I will be able to work with big and small organizations on the national and international level to find solutions for the many challenges the world faces right now.”

Ali Panah Niro
Ali Panah Niro

MS in Data Analytics, '22

Choose Webster for a Master's Degree in Data Analytics

Complete a Data Analytics Curriculum Designed by Field Experts

Webster’s MS in Data Analytics curriculum is developed and delivered by our program faculty who have deep experience in analytics. We also bring in adjunct faculty to ensure you have the best instructors in data science and data engineering.

Learn the Latest Technologies

In your Data Analytics courses, you’ll use the latest technologies, including SAP’s BusinessObjects Business Intelligence and Power BI, as well as others from leading companis, like Oracle and Tableau. You’ll also learn programming languages, such as Python and R, helping you prepare for any endeavor.

Get Hands-On, Real-World Experience

You’ll use SAP HANA data warehousing tools to design, build and load a data warehouse before using MDX queries to create data marts and interactive dashboards. For your practicum, you’ll examine real-world case studies and apply data mining processes for experience you can take to the workplace tomorrow.

Expand Your Professional Network

We maintain small classes — maximum of 20 students — in our Data Analytics courses to ensure your interaction with faculty and fellow students.

ACBSP Accreditation for The George H. Walker School of Business & Technology

The George H. Walker School of Business & Technology is proud to be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for the MS in Data Analytics. ACBSP is dedicated to improving the quality of business schools and programs around the world, and ultimately to improving the practice of business in every industry around the world.

ACBSP Accredited

Explore the Program

Master of Science in Data Analytics

Find out more about our Master of Science in Data Analytics program, including the overall Data Analytics curriculum, electives and learning outcomes.

What Can You Do with Master’s in Data Analytics?

As many as 90% of Webster alumni who hold an MS in Data Analytics have launched their career or landed a promotion post-graduation, and are a testament that Data Analytics is a good degree to pursue. As a fellow graduate, you, too, can join this group of intelligent problem solvers.

Your completion of a Master’s in Data Analytics degree from Webster University signals your abilities to harness the power of data and create a picture via statistics, mathematics, computer science and accounting, as examples, which you’ll present in a realistic business context. The insight you provide allows managers and executives to solve problems and achieve growth that benefits stockholders and other stakeholders, making you an integral team member.

Your Opportunities With a MS in Data Analytics

With our Master of Science in Data Analytics on your resume, you’ll have your pick of industries for positions that include, but are not limited to:

  • Data Scientist*
  • Data Architect*
  • Data Engineer*
  • Qualitative Analyst*
  • Data Consultant
  • Operations Analyst*
  • IT Systems Analyst*
  • Business Intelligence Analyst*
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Transportation Analyst*
  • Financial Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Project Manager*

*Highest paid positions

Salaries for Graduates With a Master’s in Data Analytics

Webster’s Master’s in Data Analytics program is one of our Walker School of Business and Technology’s top three programs — and for good reason. You’ll learn modern, sought-after skills from experts in data analytics who designed a quality Data Analytics curriculum — one of few offered in the state — and you will gain many new career opportunities.

For example, by 2030, the demand for market research analysts and operations research analysts are expected to grow by 22%, and operations research analysts by 25% — much faster than the average position, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The latter had a median annual wage of over $82,000 in May 2021, while the average data scientist earned over $100,000.

Increase your value when you complete our Master’s in Data Analytics program.

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