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Healthcare is one of the top five industries in the United States, and employment in this important field is expected to continue growing. Healthcare managers plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health-related services. They are often employed in the healthcare delivery sector as managers of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, as well as solo and group physician practices. They may also be employed in other sectors of the healthcare industry, such as in pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and healthcare consulting firms. And this degree is offered online, too, making it more convenient for the working professional!

MHA Program

“Healthcare is practiced in multidisciplinary teams - and we try to replicate that through structured activities, case studies, and practical application.”

Dan Mueller

Visiting Assistant Professor

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Webster University can prepare you to meet the demand for jobs in the growing field of healthcare management with our Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree. 

The Walker School MHA program is designed to facilitate students' ability to provide value with regard to people skills, managerial skills, and strategy. We focus on providing students with real-world examples and knowledge, utilizing a faculty comprised primarily of practitioners in the field.


A Pillar in Education

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MHA Advantages

“We want to be able to provide the tools that people need as they become directors, department leaders, and C-suite-level executives in an organization.”

Doug Whitman
Assistant Professor

More About Our MHA Program

Through a dynamic curriculum, flexibility, small class sizes, customized program options, and dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and staff, you will graduate with a Master in Health Administration with the skills to make an impact on the organizations you serve.

Around 90% of Master's Degree in Health Administration graduates in 2018 were employed full-time post graduation in regional and local healthcare facilities.

3 MHA Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

  • Students will be able to explain the importance healthcare leadership styles and communication skills have in professional development and in managing effective teams and predicting human behavior in an organization.
  • Students will be able to apply fundamental healthcare management skills to problem-solving, decision-making, planning, delegation, communication, and time management.
  • Students will be able to incorporate strategic thinking to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, and operationalize healthcare organization's mission and vision.

13 MHA Competencies

People Dimension

1. Community Orientation - Understanding the importance of building strategic partnerships and relationships

2. Communication - Prepare business communications

3. Organizational Behavior - Understanding how actions and attitudes can affect organizational outcomes

4. Human Resources - Understand human resource issues, problems and solutions

Management Dimension

5. Leading and Managing - Hold self and others responsible for organizational mission, vision and goals

6. Financial  - Analyze and interpret financial information

7. Marketing - Analyze marketing issues in healthcare organizations 

8. Information Technology - Understanding and using technology skills 

9. Quantitative Analysis - Analyze and interpret quantitative information

10. Legal Principles - Discuss and critically analyze health-related legal principles

Strategic Dimension

11. Strategic Planning - Develop and discuss a strategic plan for a healthcare organization

12. Health Policy - Define the operational and economic impact of select health policies on the delivery of healthcare services 

13. Quality & Process Improvement - Apply concepts of process improvement to relevant problems


“Webster is accessible, and the coursework is manageable while working full time. The faculty are all experienced and currently working in the field, so our coursework is applicable and relevant.”

Jennifer Wessels, MHA, ’20


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Webster's MHA Program develops mid-career healthcare professionals for progressively responsible management and leadership positions in hospitals and other provider-based organizations. Our curriculum provides students with the competencies needed to move into successively higher positions within the healthcare field.

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