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Our Mission

Education is at a pivotal moment in this country. Teacher burnout and shortages are becoming more prevalent due to limited resources, COVID-19 learning setbacks, school violence and shifting education policies. It is a critical time, and more than ever, we need high-quality educators to prepare students for a rapidly globalizing and multifaceted workforce. 

Webster University's School of Education is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, pedagogy and teacher training. Our mission is clear: to shape the future of education by preparing teachers and other leaders in education for the challenges of today and tomorrow. 


The LIGHT Cooperative

The LIGHT Cooperative is a cross-departmental hub in the School of Education. The elements of the LIGHT Cooperative transcend departmental and programmatic lines. Goals connected to each element directly impact the preparation of School of Education students, shape educational practice locally and influence future practice in education.


A diagram of the School of Education's LIGHT Cooperative Initiative.


Image Transcript

Each circle represents a unique concept. The middle circle represents an initiative, titled “LIGHT Cooperative,” that the School of Education has begun. The smaller circles represent the six key components of the LIGHT Cooperative initiative, which are as follows:

  • Digital Pedagogy (in red)
  • Research to Practice  (in green)
  • Community Learning Hub (in orange)
  • Family and Student Support Center (in purple)
  • The Global Education Conference (in yellow)
  • Global Student Network  (in blue)

Core Beliefs and Goals

Core Beliefs

  • Learning (L): We believe that learning spans an entire lifetime. Learning takes place everywhere — both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Innovative (I): We believe that educational innovation must extend beyond current tools in our teacher preparation programs. This should include a curriculum that prepares students to become critical readers of the world, thoughtful producers of knowledge and architects of what is next to come.
  • Global (G): We believe that global understanding is necessary to advance social harmony and reciprocal global collaborations.
  • Holistic (H): We believe in the humanistic development of students. Growing up in a digital world, students must be well-rounded individuals with the ability to think critically to make sense of the world now, and in the future.
  • Transformative (T): We believe in inclusion and the power of diverse learning spaces, and we advocate for minoritized populations, solidarity and resilience in communities. With inclusion and solidarity, we continue to build empathy, understanding and interdependence.


The goals of the LIGHT Cooperative have three dimensions of orientation:

  • Inward: Create opportunities for School of Education students to engage in progressive practices, refine their skills, engage in meaningful dialogue around educational issues and build a community of professional practice.
  • Outward: Provide support and resources to local schools, districts, students and families.
  • Forward: Shape local, regional, national and international dialogues around education and the profession of teaching .

Elements of the LIGHT Cooperative

Preparation of teachers and educators must provide foundational knowledge about digital tools and technologies, and skills to select and use these tools to effectively help students learn in the online learning environment.

Current Projects

  • Makerspace

Future Projects — Coming Soon!

Teacher preparation programs can be a central organizing force that brings together a network of teachers and educators who support each other professionally, providing teaching and learning services for families in need.

Current Projects

  • Student Literacy Corps

Future Projects

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Corps

Our Doctor of Education (EdD) program prepares educators and researchers to lead changes needed in education. Dissertation research project focuses on four key elements; (1) theory, (2) research, (3) practice and (4) leadership in order to prepare expert teachers to shape the future of education.

Future Projects

  • Teacher Fellows
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows

Webster’s School of Education is a global network of scholars, educators and practitioners who are thought leaders across multiple disciplines. These leaders create original instructional methods and practices through digital tools and technologies.

Future Projects

  • Faculty-led, short-term Study Abroad opportunities to bring together Webster pre-service teachers from the St. Louis and Uzbekistan campuses

Webster’s School of Education believes in transformative learning in the global community. This conference is a call to action for educators, researchers and educational technologists to explore collaborative projects that will redefine education in the 21st century.

Join our movement toward a more inclusive, interconnected, and enlightened world.

Future Projects

  • Summer 2024 inaugural conference

The School of Education Community Hub is a dynamic and transformative space committed to fostering community initiatives for marginalized populations. Specifically, we invite teaching professionals both locally and around the world to come together to exchange ideas, share experiences and cooperatively shape and change the future of education.

Future Projects

  • “Powered by Webster” Global High School

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