WorldClassRoom Support

This page provides information about using WorldClassRoom to enhance your courses. It outlines how you might use the tools available in WorldClassRoom and offers some suggestions on getting started.

If you have questions about using WorldClassRoom or you're experiencing a specific issue, you can consult the WorldClassRoom FAQs, you can email the Faculty Development Center at, or you can call us at 866-963-8243.


Every course at Webster University has an online classroom shell in WorldClassRoom. All instructors are encouraged to use WorldClassRoom to post assignments, host discussions, and post grades as appropriate to their discipline.

Classroom shells are available to the instructor 2 weeks before the first day of class. Students have access to the classroom shell the Friday before the class starts.


With WorldClassRoom, you can post your syllabus and assignments online. If you chose to receive assignments electronically, you will have more flexibility in reviewing them. Assignment feedback and grades can be also be provided electronically.


Instructors can create and deliver quizzes, tests and surveys. Instructor feedback and scores can also be delivered electronically through WorldClassRoom.


Instructors can create and categorize discussions for a whole class or for groups of students. Discussions can be rated by classmates, or graded by instructors with the option of results being automatically entered in the course grade book.

Grade Book

WorldClassRoom has a complete integrated grade book. Quizzes, assignments and even discussions can be created in such a way that grades are tracked, tallied, and presented to students automatically. The Grade Book feature gives the instructor full control over when grades are posted for each assignment.


Faculty are encouraged to upload their syllabus for easy access to students throughout the semester. This also makes it easy for the instructor to update it if necessary throughout the semester. When a student clicks the Syllabus tool, the file is downloaded or previewed in their browser.

Consider your class and the needs of your students. Think about the ways that you deliver course content, how you communicate with your students and how they communicate with each other, and how you assess that they are meeting learning objectives. Use these questions to help guide you as you think about your courses:

  • Do you have a way to identify what students are having trouble with?
    Using assignments, surveys, and quizzes allows you to assess and observe student learning and identify problem areas.
  • How can you better utilize classroom time?
    Classroom discussions can be improved when you post classroom policies and assignments such as recordings, links to online articles and PowerPoint presentations and instruct the students to review the material outside of class. Consider incorporating field trips into the curriculum.
  • How can I reduce my classroom prep time?
    Delivering papers electronically saves paper and your time obtaining printed copies. Accepting assignments electronically allows you to begin grading them as they are received.
  • How can my students take advantage of the same web-based resources I do as a professional?
    The professional resources you use can be included in WorldClassRoom. Include links to articles or websites and listings of relevant journals and other publications.
  • How would my student's writing improve with access to the Reeg Academic Resource Center or if I create assignments using Turnitin?
    Using Turnitin, a plagiarism detection software incorporated into WorldClassRoom, helps teach students how to avoid plagiarism by highlighting areas of concern. Students needed one-on-one assistance should be referred to the Reeg Academic Resource Center.
  • Do my students have enough opportunities to collaborate?
    Threaded discussions and collaborative documents can create more opportunities for students to work together and can be used to prepare for, continue and supplement classroom discussions.
  • How can I encourage my students to complete their reading assignments?
    If your students need additional motivation, have them participate in a discussion on the reading, take a quiz, keep a journal of their thoughts or contribute questions to a class blog.
  • Do students get enough individualized instruction from me?
    Placing more of your materials online will free up more class time to answer students' questions and address their concerns about projects and assignments.
  • How are my colleagues using WorldClassRoom to enhance their courses and how can I learn about other teaching resources and strategies?
    Other Webster University teachers can be a great source for ideas and support. The Faculty Development Center hosts events for all faculty to learn new teaching strategies, share successes and resources, and discuss ongoing challenges.