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  • Jan. 18, 2021: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
  • May 31, 2021: Memorial Day (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
  • July 5, 2021: U.S. Independence Day observed (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
  • Sept. 6, 2021: Labor Day Holiday (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)
  • Nov. 25-26, 2021: Thanksgiving Break (U.S. campuses closed, no classes)

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Term Dates: March 15, 2021 - May 14, 2021

  • March 19th Drop Deadline
  • April 23rd Withdrawal Deadline
  • May 15th Commencement Ceremony
  • May 21st Grades Due

**Denotes courses that are WebNet+ with COLO as Host. *Denotes Courses that are Webnet+ with COLO as Satellite

Course     Section Description Instructor
** COLO is a Host campus * COLO is a Satellite campus
HRMG 5920*     36 Compensation (WebNet/COLM): ET Shearer
SPSM 6000**     36 Practical Research in Space Operations (WebNet): MT Hine
PROC 5810*     36           Acquisitions Law (Webnet/FTBV): ET               Edmonds
BUSN 5000*     CL Business (WebNet/DWTN): CT Hall
BUSN 6120*     36 Managerial Economics (WebNet/LRAF): CT Ford
CSSS 5000*     CL Intro to Cybersecurity (WebNet/ JACK): ET  McElyea
HRDV 5560*     36 Group Development and Change (WebNet/WEST): CT


ITM 5300*     36 Procurement & Contract Management for ITM (WebNet/WEBG): ET


MBA 5100*     36 Adding Value Through Human Capital (WebNet/WEBG): CT



MNGT 5590*     CL Organizational Behavior (WebNet/LTRK): CT Renz
MNGT 5670*       36 Managerial Leadership (Webnet/ORLN): ET Perrone
SPSM 5770**     36 Space Operations Management (WebNet): MT Russel
BUSN 6200*     36 Strategy and Competition (WebNet/ LTRK): CT Govan
CSSS 5130**     36

Cybersecurity Intelligence/
Counter-Intelligence (WebNet): MT

SPSM 5930**     36 Space Systems Laws and Policy (WebNet): MT Bowman
BUSN 5200*     36 Basic Finance for Managers (WebNet/LTRK) CT:


BUSN 5700*     36 Advances in Project Management (WebNet/WEBG): CT Mayali
FINC 5880*     36 Advanced Corporate Finance (WebNet/DWTN) CT: Ritchey
HRDV 5610*     36 Training and Development (WebNet/COLM): ET Gennaro
PROC 5840*     36 Negotiations (WebNet/HILL):MT Pasco
 ** COLO is a Host campus * COLO is a Satellite campus


Term Dates: May 31, 2021 - July 30, 2021

**Denotes courses that are WebNet+ with COLO as Host. *Denotes Courses that are Webnet+ with COLO as Satellite


Course Section Description Instructor
BUSN 5000** 36 Business (WebNet): MT Binnings 
CSSS 5120** 36 Cybersecurity Infrastructures (WebNet): MT Tirman 
CSSS 6000* 36 Practical Research in Cybersecurity (WebNet/DWTN): CT Ham 
ITM 5100* 36 Information and Communication Systems (WebNet/ORLN): ET TBA
PROC 5000** 36 Procurement & Acquisitions Management (WebNet: MT Nagy 
PROC 6000* 36 Integrated Studies in Procurement & Acquisitions (WebNet/SCOT): ET Gusewelle 
CSSS 5140** 36 Cybersecurity Strategic Operations (WebNet): MT Ryals 
SPSM 5320** 36 Remote Sensing & GIS Imagery Analysis (WebNet): MT Fletcher 
MBA 5200* 36 The Financial Value of Capital Projects (WebNet/WEBG): CT TBA
HRMG 5930** 36 Labor Management Relations (WebNet): MT Sampayo 
SPSM 5950** 36 Space Systems Project Management (WebNet): MT Bowman 
BUSN 5200** 36 Basic Finance for Managers (WebNet) : MT Trovas 
MBA 5400* 36 The Supply Chain and Business Processes (WebNet/WEBG): CT                                                      TBA
SPSM 5730** 36 Space Operations Research (WebNet): MT George 
** COLO is a Host campus * COLO is a Satellite campus



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