Academic Continuous Improvement

Three processes ensure continuous improvement of academic programs at Webster University.

  • Development and Revision of Curriculum is conducted by faculty and approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or the Graduate Council. Academic Affairs provides staffing for the two curriculum bodies and develops, edits and publishes the Undergraduate Studies Catalog and the Graduate Studies Catalog annually. Staff from Academic Affairs also support the Global Citizenship Program Committee, which oversees Webster’s award-winning general education program.
  • Program-level Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes is conducted by program faculty. The Faculty Development Center (FDC) supports faculty in creating and implementing assessment plans with data collection, tools, and guidance. Academic Affairs documents assessment activities for accrediting bodies.
  • Academic Program Review ensures that all academic programs are evaluated periodically to ensure quality and effectiveness. The Academic Program Review Committee (APRC) is co-chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Institutional Effectiveness provide the APRC with data, financial information, and administrative support.
Academic Continuous Improvement Graph
1) Curriculum: Program Faculty Proposals → Academic Department Approvals → Deans/International Campus Director Approvals → Undergraduate Curriculum Committee/Graduate Council Approvals → Vice President for Academic Affairs Approval → Publication in Undergraduate Studies Catalog or Graduate Studies Catalog
2) Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes: Program Faculty Assessment Plans → FDC Staff Review and Support → Dean's Review → Coming Soon: Assessment Committee Review and Feedback → Vice President for Academic Affairs Review → Documentation for Accreditation and Strategic, Academic and Financial Planning
3) Academic Program Review: Program Faculty Self-Studies → Dean's Comments → Academic Program Review Committee Recommendations → President and Academic Deans Council Decisions → Deans and Faculty Implementation of Action Plans → Documentation for Accreditation and Strategic, Academic and Financial Planning

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