Vocal Fitness Class

two older adults singingIn this class, we’ll use music and singing to learn and practice exercises that strengthen the voice and prevent voice decline. Vocal function exercises do for your voice what resistance training and stretching does for your body — they balance out the respiration, phonation, and resonance mechanisms. Great for professionals who may want to increase vocal stamina; for older adults who want to prevent voice decline and swallowing disorders; and adults who have had voice rehab and want to prevent relapse.

Instructor: Kristin Edmonds
Ages: Adult


Class Offerings:

Location Day Time Class limit Fee
Online (Spring: January 25 - May 3, 2023) Wednesday 11:00 a.m. 10 students 14-week class $360


This class is a group music and wellness activity, not a source of voice and swallowing therapy. The class does include some vocal exercises and stretches that are used in both therapy for voice and swallowing disorders and singing lessons. We are using them for prevention and wellness purposes only. If you have a voice or swallowing disorder, you should visit an ENT physician who specializes in voice in order to get individualized treatment before you attend our class. If you have questions about whether you may have a voice or swallowing disorder and should be screened, please refer to these links to more information at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association:

Voice Disorders (PDF)

Swallowing Disorders

If you continue to have questions about whether this class is right for you, please contact Kristin Edmonds at kristinitoku33@webster.edu

What Students Say:

“HUGE kudos to Kristin Edmonds and her class! Not only did I enjoy having another class with her, I enjoyed meeting the other students as well. Having dealt with COVID and dealing with long-haul symptoms such as shortness of breath, this class has helped me get my breathing and singing back on track! Thank you, Kristin!”

"After a mild traumatic brain injury I experienced considerable proprioceptive losses. I was unable to 'find' where my voice was coming from when attempting to sing. Add to that I hadn't sung on a regular basis in 20 years, making my voice very out of shape. This class taught me the biomechanics of my voice which has helped me reconnect my brain to my vocal musculature giving me access to my voice again! The exercises have also increased my vocal stamina. Thank you Kristin Edmonds for helping me move toward healthier voice practices."

About Kristin Edmonds, Instructor

MM in Vocal Performance, New England Conservatory of Music; MA in Speech Pathology and Audiology, University of Connecticut; BM in Vocal Performance, University of Missouri; studied voice with Helen Hodam, Virginia Pyle and Carole Gaspar; soloist with Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, American Kantorei, and in the Poulenc Festival at Christ Church Cathedral with Dalton Baldwin and Gail Hintz; toured with guitarist/musicologist Jeffrey Noonan; cabaret performances at Royal George Theater, Chicago and the Algonquin Club, Boston. Won or placed at numerous vocal competitions including Midwest Regional NATS Auditions and St. Louis Symphony Young Artist Competition; formerly the pediatric voice therapy specialist at Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital in Massachusetts; consulted with Whole Vibes Music Therapy which partners with Palm Beach Opera and Els Foundation to manage the Interability Chorus; currently runs voice therapy practice and voice studio; taught voice at New England Conservatory of Music, Webster University and Maryville University, vocal pedagogy at University of Connecticut. Edmonds has raised a musical child with developmental disabilities.