March 10, 2024 | 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Registration Deadline:  March 1, 2024
Teachers:  $75.00
College Students: $50.00

Guest Speaker:  Andrea Yun

Part I: Self-Determination Theory and Praiseless Teaching

In the Suzuki movement, we say a lot of things that sound great, yet our actions don't always speak louder than our words. "Every Child Can" often looks like, "Every Child Who Can Afford It." "Loving encouragement" often looks like friendly manipulation with a smile. The "compliment sandwich" is transparent to students of all ages. In this seminar, we will talk about the power dynamic inherent in lessons, looking through the lens of what I call "anti-oppression teaching." I'm no expert, by any stretch, but I've done a lot of thinking and experimentation. I look forward to sharing my experiences as well as my reading/video lists with you. 

Part II: Cellympics! 

We will dive into the world of game-ifying technique. I created Cellympics for fun in 2012, and it's turned into a whole THING. We will learn Cellympics events, which can be easily adapted to upper stringed instruments as well. We will fumble, learn, succeed, and fail, all while laughing and being human together. We may even have some students join in to compete side-by-side with us teachers. 

Asian woman playing cello

Andrea Yun is an active performer and teacher. She believes in the power of a child’s autonomy. Andrea is a member of the Detroit Opera; Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra; and Baroque on Beaver Island orchestra (principal). Andrea is one of 40 Suzuki cello teacher trainers in the Americas and is on Paul Katz’s CelloBello teacher training team. Andrea has held teaching positions at the University of Michigan, University of Texas at San Antonio, Bowling Green State University, Ann Arbor Pioneer High School, and Okemos Chippewa Middle School. Andrea holds a dual bachelor's degree in music education and mathematics; master's in cello performance; and doctorate in cello performance and pedagogy. Her solo and chamber performances have been heard on CBC Radio (Canada), WKAR-East Lansing, WRCJ-Detroit, Blue Lake Public Radio, and Interlochen Public Radio. Andrea was awarded the 2020 Teacher of the Year award by the Michigan chapter of the American String Teachers Association. Andrea lives in Ann Arbor, MI, where she homeschools her daughter. She is an avid swing dancer and park roller-skater.