Webster University courses of study are approved for veterans' educational benefits in compliance with prescribed regulations by special approval agencies in each state and for each country where the University offers programs.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires approval for the student to enroll in more than the minimum number of credit hours required for the graduate degree. This approval may be requested on the Program Option Request Form.

Veterans' educational benefits may be reduced for directed studies and 1-credit-hour seminars. Non-degree students and students working on the M.A.T. advanced graduate certificate are not eligible for veterans' educational benefits.

If veterans' educational benefits apply, the regional VA office will be notified of the date on which a student officially ceases attendance. Records of progress are kept by the institution on both veteran and non-veteran students. Progress records are available to all students at the end of each scheduled term. Additional information may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar at the St. Louis campus:

Office of the Registrar

Loretto Hall 63
phone: 314-968-7450 | 800-987-3447
fax: 314-968-7112
alternative fax: 314-963-6037
email: registraroffice@webster.edu

Webster's Military Heritage: Spanning the Generations

Our rich history of serving the military extends back to blood drives and sales of war bonds. Webster was the first University invited by the U. S. Department of Defense to open at a military location. Webster understand the needs of service members and their families. That’s why we offer affordable credit hour rates and generous transfer credits with classes held online and at more than forty military installations and metropolitan campuses across the U.S.


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VA Certification

Online and St. Louis-Area Campuses — Bill Fenlon

VA Certification (St. Louis & Online) | Representative - Registrar's Office

Extended Military and Metro Campuses

If you attend classes on a military base or metro campus, please contact your local campus for VA certification needs.

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