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Working professionals, undergraduates and curious academics are meeting the challenging needs of the 21st-century workforce by pursuing relevant programming while advancing their career goals.

We know that in the pursuit of an undergraduate or advanced degree, life can get complicated. That’s why at Webster University, we offer our students access to WebNet+, our online program delivery platform that connects you with your peers and professors in a “live” course environment. By participating in WebNet+, you can learn and complete your coursework from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to announce the following programs now launching in the WebNet+ format:
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Science in Space Systems Operations Management
  • Master of Art in Organizational Development and Change
  • Master of Arts in Information Technology Management
  • Master of Legal Studies
  • Paralegal Studies Certificate

Students interested in these programs should keep in mind that they will require synchronous meetings across all time zones.

Students participating in a WebNet+ course will need internet access, a computer with a web camera, speakers and a microphone. This allows the student to be seen and heard while they participate in the session.

One week before class starts, students will receive an email from their instructor including the link and password information they will need to join their class. If you have not received this information, please reach out to your instructor directly. We currently use two platforms to deliver WebNet+ courses based on the course needs. Instructors will notify students of the platform to be used.

WebNet+ courses are media rich, synchronous, interactive learning experiences. Students who enroll in a WebNet+ course should expect to attend class sessions at the noted time. Students should expect to allow themselves time to login and connect to the class, test their equipment prior to their first login, and familiarize themselves with the software their instructor will use to deliver the course.

Students can prepare themselves to take a WebNet+ course by familiarizing themselves with WorldClassRoom. Instructors will utilize WorldClassRoom to share documents and supporting materials with students, to accept assignments and administer quizzes, midterms and finals.

If you have questions related to the content of your course, activities or grades you will want to reach out to your instructor directly via WorldClassRoom or email.

All courses listed on this page are available to be taken from home. If you need assistance enrolling, please contact us via email with your student ID and the course number.

Currently students who are attending the class from home or from their personal device at a location of their choosing pay the online tuition rate. Students attending physically pay the rate for that site location.

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