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Alumni from our Global Campuses

Webster University's audio education combines a practical approach with history and theory, ensuring students have the skills and knowledge to work in any field of the audio industry. BA in Audio in Media Arts students will learn about audio as it relates to all media, and they will work with professional-grade equipment. Audio in Media Arts majors and minors produce music recordings, radio spots, run live sound for concerts, learn sound design and mix audio for video and film throughout their time at Webster.

Webster students often complete internships as part of their audio production degree and they have earned internships at major recording studios, sound reinforcement companies and radio stations across the country. The faculty are professionals working in their field as well as educators.

Spotlight on Emerging Technology in Media Production

Webster University's state-of-the art virtual cinema system and newly renovated facilities housed at the School of Communications were recently featured on Channel 9 PBS's "Living St. Louis." The new facilities put Webster at the forefront of new media production methods, ensuring Webster's success into the next century of cinema creation.


Student listening through high-quality headphones

Learn Creative and Technical Skills

Student listening through high-quality headphones

Webster's Bachelor of Arts in Audio in Media Arts is designed for students who are interested in exploring the use of audio in all forms of media. This degree provides students with opportunities that include working with audio for film, television, video, animation, game design and interactive media.

While emphasizing audio for forms of visual media, this program also provides opportunities to work with radio, podcasting, live audio and music production.

student testing the push-to-talk to sound booth button on AXS board
student adjusting overhead directional microphone
music recording room showing drummer at mic'd up drumset
students at AXS board pointing to video screen above it
professor and student in sound room wiring up mixing box
students discuss microphone options for cymbals

Webster University is an educational member of the Audio Engineering Society.

Webster's student section of the Audio Engineering Society is one of the most active and successful chapters worldwide.

Audio Engineering Society logo shield

Successful Alumni with a Degree in Audio Production Include:

  • Bruce Buechner, audio engineer for Snoop Dogg, Ruben Studdard, Christina Milan, Lil Jon, Jamie Foxx and Mary J. Blige.
  • Matt "Buster" Allen, audio engineer for Garth Brooks.
  • Brian Barrale, Los Angeles-based composer and arranger for "Aliens of the Deep," "Heart of the Beholder," and "Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch."
  • Chelsea (VandeDrink) Crutcher, recording engineer for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Student sets up microphone

Add the Audio in Media Arts Minor to Your Degree

Student sets up microphone

Designed for students outside the department who wish to study audio with a focus on media production, students will learn to:

  • Mix a sound design for a visual media-based project at an intermediate level.
  • Operate boom microphone and record on a film shoot.
  • Create Foley effects in synch with motion picture.
  • Capture, edit and manipulate a collection of vocal performance recordings to produce a usable dialog track.

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