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Create Content and User Experiences That Captivate Your Audience

Consumers in today’s technological society are spending more and more time on apps. Whether they are playing games or learning a new language, these users expect a fluid and enjoyable experience using their favorite apps and websites.

That’s why skilled and detail-oriented designers, coders and researchers are in higher demand than ever by corporations of all sizes to help ensure a great user experience.

The Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Digital Media program at Webster University will prepare you to design and develop non-linear applications such as websites, apps, interactive exhibits and casual games. Our interdisciplinary approach to interactive digital media will give you well-rounded expertise in several unique disciplines and help you to stand out from others.


Julia Griffey, a woman with light skin tone and dark hair pulled back wearing a dark pink shirt, points with her right hand to a computer screen while standing between two seated students, a dark-skin-toned male with black natural hair wearing a white hoodie and a light-skin-toned female with long medium-brown hair wearing black.
Professor stands talking and gesturing in front of a classroom with three long rows of tables with computers on each, students sitting at each computer showing computer code in small black content box on screen.
A female student with medium skin tone, glasses, and medium brown hair in corkscrew curls and wearing a blue top with green leaf pattern talks across the table to a tall, dark-skin-toned man wearing glasses, a red-and-white checkered shirt, and a gray blazer who holds several papers in left hand curled to his chest.


Choose Webster for Your BA in Interactive Digital Media

Get Real-World Experience

The Interactive Digital Media program at Webster includes practical experience as part of your degree requirement. We also have staff dedicated to finding and securing internships for our students. Past students have interned at organizations like Integrity Media, Momentum Worldwide, 963 Collective, WebSanity and many more.

Collaborate with Professors and Peers

Thanks to our small class sizes, you can work closely with our distinguished digital and interactive media faculty and collaborate with your peers on impactful projects. Our faculty mentors have years of industry and research experience in e-commerce, IT, digital graphics, web server configuration and web development.

Customize Your Curriculum

To prepare you for multiple career paths in digital and interactive media, you’ll take elective courses to build an area of specialization. Potential areas of study include design, coding, game design or entrepreneurship.

Interactive Digital Media at Webster University


[Fun, upbeat music begins and extends through the entire video. The music is the only sound throughout the video.]

Text on screen: Interactive Digital Media STUDENT WORK

Text on screen: Webster University School of Communications

[A series of interactive media clips created by students at Webster University begins. Each clip is only a few seconds long.]

[The first interactive media is a “browse by category” media, allowing the person to choose the scent, size, type of wax and rating of their preferred candle. There are three results given.]

[The next media is a webpage for the Chess Club of Atlanta, allowing users to learn from a grandmaster, donate and search events.]

[The third is a questionnaire. The user chooses the answer to the questions given and are given a recommended location to GoPlay! in.]

Text on screen: Every 5 days in 2012 an average American consumed 765g of sugar.

[The next interactive media is a data set of sugar consumption in America, with the addition of a graph.]

Text on screen: Americans consume 130 lbs every year.

[The fifth media is AGEish, a celebrity birthday game, which has a list of celebrities, their birthdays and how old they are. The next three medias are differing data sets for digital communications and the percentage of how/when people communicate.]

[The next media is an interactive journey scrolling through different famous African American women in history and their various inventions.]

Text on screen: An Interactive Journey: African American Female Inventors through Time

[Another website mockup is the next interactive media, focusing on the Chess Master Liem Le and his career highlights and best games.]

[The next media allows the user to choose a musician and then click various records to listen to their music, as well as discover fun trivia.]

[The next media is another questionnaire, with the user answering various questions in order to find out what game they should play, based on genre and tactility levels.]

[The second to last media is an interactive PowerPoint dedicated to the nonprofit organization Exceptional Equestrians to relay their Information Architecture and explain a website re-design.

[The final media is an interactive site, Pretty Prickly, allowing users to search for various succulents by different filters, such as type, color, seasons and other characteristics. Once chosen, the user can see results that match their filters.]

[The video fades to black.]

Sophia Ziegler

“The small class sizes helped me learn better and allow students to have better communication with their professors and other classmates.”

Sophia Ziegler
Sophia Ziegler

BA in Interactive Digital Media, '22

What Can You Do with an Interactive Digital Media Bachelor’s Degree?

Almost any medium to large institution has a need for in-house interactive developers to manage their websites or intranet, or to develop interactive training. Additionally, organizations that develop educational content need media majors to build interactive screen-based experiences.

Our curriculum pulls from many disciplines to give you a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that will help you succeed in a wide range of roles. As you earn your Interactive Digital Media bachelor’s degree at Webster, you’ll study visual communication, media fluency, coding/authoring, user research, analysis and assessment revision.

Combine the breadth of our program with the opportunity to choose a specialty field, and you’ll have the experience to excel in your chosen career path while enjoying the chance to explore some of the many other opportunities within digital and interactive media.

Some of the businesses and organizations that have hired our Interactive Digital Media graduates include:

  • TOKY
  • Momentum Worldwide
  • Mastercard
  • The University of Missouri
  • Purina
  • Singularity Interactive

Salaries for Interactive Digital Media Bachelor’s Degree Graduates

Your Interactive Digital Media degree can prepare you for many job opportunities, and your salary greatly depends on which path you choose. In general, professionals in media and communication jobs earn an median salary of between $66,240 and $52,840, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. More specifically, web developers and digital designers earn a median of $80,730 a year.

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