Creating a Culture of Learning

A unique benefit for Webster University’s corporate partners is the opportunity to create a cohort academic program for employees.

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What is a Cohort?

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A cohort is a group of employees who begin and finish the same academic program together. Classes are held weekly after work hours, taught by Webster faculty members, and held on site at the partner’s designated facility or online.

How Does a Corporate Cohort Work?

Some of our corporate partners have a special need for customized employee development programs within their organizations.

Webster University provides teachers and instruction — both in person and virtually — through a customized internal training program that culminates in an employee’s earning an official Webster degree.

Cohorts consist completely of the company’s employees, blending a traditional university degree with an internal training program.

A corporate cohort is a true win-win for both the organization and the individual. Cohort students gain new skills and proficiencies, while the organization benefits from improved internal resources and workforce capabilities.

Chancellor Beth Stroble
Partnering with Webster

“The purpose of this office (Office of Corporate Partnerships) is to strengthen and initiate corporate partnerships, an essential activity for the University in times that demand our collective talent, skill and capacity across institutional boundaries in collaboration with business and industry.”

Chancellor Beth Stroble
Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble


Benefits of a Cohort

To assist the professional development and educational opportunities of eligible and qualified employees of our partner organizations, Webster University seeks to offer academic programs, including relevant academic support services on site at an appropriate facility provided by the partner. Live Virtual (synchronous) cohorts are also possible. The singular goal is to ensure that Webster works to enhance our partner organization's capacity to recruit, retain and develop talent.

Strengthening Organizational Relationships

Webster’s experience has found that when employees participate in an academic program of study together, organizational relationships between employees are increased and enhanced.

Making Coursework Relevant to Employee and Company Needs and Challenges

While Webster is fully responsible for the planning and development of the academic programs and courses provided at corporate partners’ sites, the University provides partners the opportunity to work with faculty to ensure cohort coursework is relevant to and reflective of the needs and challenges employees and the organization are facing.

Creating a Corporate Culture Where Learning is Emphasized and Supported

By providing this unique and valued opportunity to employees, an organization’s leadership helps to champion the importance of education with employees and drive a culture of learning within the organization.


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Academic Support for Cohorts

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Webster University provides ancillary services, such as academic advising, student registration, textbook facilitation and online access to cohort schedules, and additional information appropriate to student's needs.

Cohorts offer these services at times and in formats most compatible with the work schedules and programs of the partner's employees.

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