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The Office of Corporate Partnerships works to ensure that our partnerships are beneficial to all stakeholders — including both your organization and your employees. We value your partnership. To learn more about how to get started, contact us today!

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Building Employee Leadership and Loyalty

The Office of Corporate Partnerships is focused on enabling partner organizations to attract, retain and reinvigorate the most important asset in the organization: the employees. Through our partnership program, eligible employees can pursue an undergraduate, master’s or certificate program at a preferred tuition rate.

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Partner with Webster

By investing in your employees’ development and future through a corporate partnership with Webster University, you and your employees can benefit from the University's unique offerings:

  • Convenient Options: Coursework can take place at one of Webster’s locations, fully online or in a hybrid format.
  • Affordable Tuition: Partners receive a significant tuition reduction for employees through our Corporate Partnership Tuition Rate (CPTR) program.
  • World-Class Faculty: Most of Webster's faculty are working practitioners in their fields, bringing real-world knowledge and experience into the classroom.
  • Develop and Retain Your Workforce: Employees can learn new skills and apply what they've learned in their work, encouraging talent retention.
  • Corporate Cohort Opportunities: Creating a Corporate Cohort is an even stronger partnership with Webster University, bringing significant benefits to employees.

Our Pledge

Webster University’s Corporate Partnership's team is committed to supporting our partners by fostering growth in their organizations’ greatest assets: employees.

We have found that when employees are provided higher education opportunities, organizations experience increased productivity, loyalty — even retention. Most importantly, nurturing employee talent prepares them to lead in their job, profession and community, and also attracts top talent to an employer.

Our team collaborates with organizations to build mutually beneficial educational partnerships that align their needs with our global resources. This tailored approach helps to ensure both employees and organizations benefit from the partnership, and current and future needs are supported.

Become a Corporate Partner with Webster University


Text on screen: Webster University

[The text whooshes away, replaced by text in blue and yellow.]

Text on screen: Provide higher education opportunities

Text on screen: For your employees

[Moving, colorful geometric shapes replace previous text. A squiggly line is drawn as more text appears.]

Text on screen: at a university with more than a century of

Text on screen: Academic Excellence

[A yellow circle updates the text as there is an animation of an old schoolhouse.]

Text on screen: Partner with world class faculty & staff

[More blue and yellow geometric shapes move around the screen as text continually updates.]

Text on screen: Boost productivity of your employees

Text on screen: Increase retention

Text on screen: Top degree programs including

[Multiple degrees are listed on different screens with appropriate and relevant outlined clipart.]

Text on screen: MBA. Counseling Mental Health. Human Resource Management. MHA. MSN. Military Academics. Cybersecurity.

Text on screen: Partners receive a significant tuition break for employees

Text on screen: through our Corporate Partnership Tuition Rate Program

[More blue and yellow geometric shapes move from frame to frame.]

Text on screen: Global resources with a personalized approach

[Text quickly falls onto the screen, one word at a time, and then retracts just as quickly]

Text on screen: Discover how Webster can benefit your organization

Text on screen:

[All text slowly disappears and the screen fades to black. The Webster outro plays, a blue filter over a photo of the campus. End of video.]

Contact Us

Connect with our Office of Corporate Partnerships to learn more about our impact. Our dedicated staff is available to answer your questions and work with you during the corporate partnership application and onboarding process:

Dawn Jensen

Vice President of Business Development

Felicia Cohen

Assistant Director of Business Development
Phone: 314-246-8620

Kimberly Jimenez

Phone: 314-246-8608

John Weseman

Enrollment Coach
Phone: 314-246-2422

Contact Enrollment Coach John Weseman for information about our Corporate Cohorts program and how to apply.

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“Webster is accessible, and the coursework is manageable while working full time. The faculty are experienced and currently working in the field, so our coursework is applicable and relevant.”

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