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Develop Your “A” Game at Webster!

The BA in Games and Game Design prepares you for a career in the game industry, developing your skills in game design and implementation across all platforms — computer and video games, mobile games, and analog games. Games and Game Design majors study and learn about video games and traditional games in a variety of contexts from sociology to platform development. The curriculum examines the business of games, game design ecosystems and principles of gamification, while developing game creation skills. Students work in teams to develop and create games and are encouraged to focus on an area of concentration that aligns with their interests such as animation or mobile games

#1 in Missouri

Webster's Game Design program is the top-ranked school in Missouri according to Animation Career Review, an online resource dedicated to providing aspiring animation students with information on the best schools in the field.

#1 in Missouri, 2021 Animation Career Review
Three students sitting at table looking at computer screen with computer game on it.

Play Webster Students' Games

Three students sitting at table looking at computer screen with computer game on it.

Browse through the selection of games designed and developed in our classes by our students. All are available for play online.


Develop Your Individual Aesthetic

Student working through game with virtual reality.

Create Your Portfolio

In your time here, you will make your own games, develop an individual aesthetic, work with other designers in an exciting environment, and graduate with a broad portfolio of game design work.

16th in the Midwest

Webster University continues to be highly ranked on the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges report, now listed as 16th in Midwest Regional Universities and included in four best-of categories. This year, the University's score rose to its highest level since the ranking system was established.


Details of Webster's Game Design programs

Our 120-credit hour BA in Games and Game Design offers students the opportunity to participate in a fun and engaging degree engineered toward gaining students employment as designers within the growing field of games and ‘serious games’ development. Students will cultivate their understanding of the principles of game design with tools and techniques that will allow for the creation of numerous levels, mods and games during their academic study. Courses will give students a broad social understanding of the considerations of games developing in an age of advancing technology, and how to tailor-make games to ensure their personal creative concepts are developed and realized.

Required Courses (45 credit hours)

  • ART 1110 Introduction to Drawing (3 hours)
  • AUDI 1000 Audio Production for Non-Majors (3 hours)
  • GAME 2000 Introduction to Video Game Theory and Design (3 hours)
  • GAME 2500 Traditional Game Design (3 hours)
  • ANIM 3030 Visual Storytelling (3 hours)
  • GAME 3000 Video Game Design I (3 hours)
  • GAME 3500 History of Video Games (3 hours)
  • GAME 3550 Video Game Art (3 hours)
  • GAME 3650 World Design (3 hours)
  • GAME 4000 Video Game Level Design (3 hours)
  • GAME 4500 Video Game Design II (3 hours)
  • GAME 4600 Video Game Production (3 hours)
  • MDST 4950 Internship (3 hours)
    or GAME 4620 Senior Overview* (3 hours)
  • ANSO 2670 Games and Society (3 hours)
  • SCPT 3500 Writing Screenplays for Film (3 hours)

*Capstone Course

A minimum of 9 credit hours must be chosen from the following:

  • ANIM 1000 Animation I (3 hours)
  • ANIM 1040 Storyboarding (3 hours)
  • ANIM 2200 3D Modeling (3 hours)
  • ANIM 3200 3D Animation and Rigging (3 hours)
  • ANIM 3150 Special Topics in Animation (3 hours)
  • COSC 1550 Computer Programming I (3 hours)
  • COSC 2070 Introduction to Mobile Technology (3 hours)
  • FLST 2060 Modern World Cinema (3 hours)
  • FLST 3160 Topics in Film Studies (3 hours)
  • FTVP 1000 Introduction to Film, Television and Video Production (3 hours)
  • GAME 2650 Crowdfunding (3 hours)
  • GAME 3150 Special Topics in Game Design (3 hours)
  • INTM 1600 Introduction to Interactive Digital Media (3 hours)
  • INTM 2000 Strategic Writing for Interactive Media (3 hours)
  • INTM 2200 Visual Design for Interactive Media (3 hours)
  • INTM 3150 Special Topics (3 hours)
  • INTM 3200 Interface Design (3 hours)
  • SCPT 3150 Topics (3 hours)

Webster graduates work in the video game industry with companies such as Riot Games, Insomniac Games, and Activision. Webster alumni include Zach Ridings, Another Reality Studio (AR and VR apps); Sean Mercer, FedEx (designs employee team-building games); Gabrielle Novak, Pixel Press; and Samantha Falvey, lead artist at Lost Light Games.

Past visiting game designers include Connor Brown, senior-level designer for Last of Us Part 2 and God of War.

Zachary Ridings
Personalized Education

“Webster has been accommodating in allowing me to do something a little different ... so I could incorporate what I was doing to the game design process.”

Zachary Ridings
Zachary Ridings

BA in Games and Game Design, '22

Project: Formula R
Eric Rothenburger talking to group

Sverdrup West Wing Remodeling

Eric Rothenburger talking to group

The west wing of Sverdrup will be rebuilt as a state-of-the-art media production and communication education facility, providing our students the most up-to-date and unique technology in the entire region.

Learn more about the Sverdrup renovations including plans, progress updates, room relocations, and more.


Sverdrup Renovation Updates

Gabrielle Novak
Choose Webster

“I like the smaller college community and the familiarity of the area and people.”

Gabrielle Novak
Gabrielle Novak

BA in Game Design and Creative Writing, '21

Project: Around the Corner

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The Webster University School of Communications is home to a number of clubs, activities, and extracurricular opportunities to make and consume media. They can also be found online on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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