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Webster has been a leader in innovative solutions to technical problems, with highly skilled professionals and up-to-date equipment providing scenery for the three performance spaces. The Technical Production program demands operations and scenery of the highest standards. It is within this environment that students learn their craft.

The first year of the program parallels that of Design, to ensure a balance of classwork and practical application. In the upper division, students study advanced technical production, welding, materials, theatre management, and where appropriate, theatre building design. In the third or fourth year, students often work in internship programs with other theatres, manufacturers, and designers.

Each of the shops is professionally staffed by The Repertory Theatre during the day and by students in the evening. The Conservatory Technical Director works specifically for the department. Many members of The Repertory and Opera Theatre staffs serve as faculty in production areas. This gives Webster's program a real world outlook.

You will find Webster TD's tackling amazing projects across the country. From scenery creation and motion control on the latest Broadway shows to the most exciting projects in Las Vegas (and everywhere in between and beyond), Webster students (past and present) are there, helping to make it happen.

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John Wylie
Head of Design/Tech