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Unleash Your Inner Visionary With Our BFA in Technical Direction

If you are passionate about theatre, fascinated by technical behind-the-scenes wizardry or dream of transforming grand visions into reality, Technical Direction (BFA) is for you. With Webster University's BFA in Technical Direction, you can set the stage for an exciting career in theatre and the arts.

At Webster, hands-on learning experiences provide the sought-after skills and knowledge you need for a successful technical director career. Renowned professionals will guide you through immersive workshops and practical projects, where you'll gain expertise in theatre scenery construction and theatre technology, including lighting, sound, rigging, motion control and more. You’ll learn to solve problems creatively, collaborate effectively, and lead with confidence, preparing you to thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of technical direction.

Our technical direction program boasts unparalleled partnerships with professional theatres, manufacturers and designers, as well as study abroad opportunities. You’ll have the chance to contribute to real productions, learn from industry veterans and build a network that will open doors to a diverse range of technical director jobs.

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Choose Webster for Your Technical Direction Degree

Gain Hands-On Technical Direction Career Skills

As a Webster technical direction student, you’ll join a thriving theatre community where opportunities abound. Build real-world experience working with St. Louis-area theatres, manufacturers and designers who often hire our students prior to graduation.

Learn Technical Direction on a Global Stage

Expand your horizons and network on a global scale through our Study Abroad programs at one of Webster’s international campuses. Experience diverse perspectives and gain valuable insights into international production practices to prepare you for your technical director career.

Benefit From Our 100% Employment Rate

Our graduates don't just land technical director jobs, they build successful careers. With a 100% employment rate within six months of graduation, our alumni work for prestigious companies like Berkeley Rep, Tate Towers, and Hudson Scenic, bringing their talents in theatre scenery and technology to life on stages worldwide.

Join A Supportive Theatre Community

As a technical direction major, you’ll receive personalized attention and mentorship, while our state-of-the-art facilities provide you with access to the latest tools and theatre technology. You'll be surrounded by a supportive community of passionate artists and dedicated educators, all working together to prepare you for a successful technical director career.

Jim Robert

“I love what I do, and I want to spread that passion to other people. There are very few fields that give back so much of what you put in, and I am going to spend my life giving back to the field that has given me so much.”

Jim Robert
Jim Robert

BFA in Technical Direction, '22

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Technical Direction?

Our BFA in Technical Direction opens doors to a world of exciting and rewarding careers in the theatre industry. Our program offers real-world career preparation, as evidenced by 100% of graduates finding employment within six months of graduation.

You’ll find Webster technical directors tackling amazing projects across the country, from scenery creation and motion control on the latest Broadway shows, to the most exciting projects in Las Vegas, and beyond. Some of the diverse technical director job opportunities you can pursue with your Webster degree include:

Regional theatres: Our technical director alumni work at renowned regional theatres like Berkeley Rep and the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, contributing their expertise in theatre scenery and technology to productions that reach diverse audiences.

Rigging and automation companies: Our technical direction graduates are highly sought after by leading rigging and automation companies such as Tate Towers and Creative Conners, where they design and implement innovative theatre technology solutions.

Scene shops: Graduates find success in local scene shops like Switch and Image Technologies, where they build and maintain the sets that bring stories to life. Hudson Scenic, the leading scene shop in New York City, is also home to several Webster alumni, who contribute their skills to creating stunning sets for Broadway and other major productions.

Broadway productions: From the house carpenter at the Golden Theatre to the talented individuals working behind the scenes, our alumni are actively involved in bringing Broadway magic to life.

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