Students will audition in either the Intermediate or Advanced classes, or a combination of both. The student may assist in the decision of what class they prefer by speaking with faculty during check-in. Participation in both ballet and modern technique classes are requested. Pointe work will not be required. In addition to the classes, the student is invited to observe other classes during the day.


The prospective candidate is also asked to perform a solo piece of approximately two to three minutes. This piece is the applicant’s choice, and can be either self-choreographed or a work set on the applicant. The solo will be performed in the studio after the candidate has taken a technique class. (No tap, please).


A dance resume is requested.


Individual interviews and lunch will occur before classes. It is recommended you bring a nutritious snack with you.

Dancer in handstand with legs extended in opposite directions


There is a locker room near the studios. Please come prepared with appropriate attire for a ballet class and modern class.


Dancers should wear tights with a leotard or black opaque tights and a solid fitted T-shirt, leotard, or unitard.


Dancers should wear tights or shorts with a leotard or black opaque tights and a solid fitted T-shirt, leotard or unitard.

three dancers in leotard and leggings holding a back-bent position with one arm on the floor and one arm out sideways in a white studio

Audition Schedule

8:30 a.m.: Check-in, Loretto Hilton Center lobby

8:45 a.m.: Tour of the spaces and discussion of the program (parents welcome)

9 a.m.: Interviews begin, and will be scheduled individually throughout the day (parents attend information sessions)

10 a.m.: Observe classes, and lunch

11:30 a.m.: Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Class

12:50-1 p.m.: Present Solos

1 p.m.: Intermediate/Advanced Modern Class

2:20-2:30 p.m.: Present solos

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