Webster University's School of Education offers dynamic courses to support the development of education professionals. Our Professional Learning Series (PLS) offerings provide opportunities for educators to earn graduate credit and stay up to date with evidence-based instructional practices. While these courses might be considered for school district or other tuition reimbursement programs, they are not designed for teacher licensure or certification.

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Adaptive Schools (EDUC 5210.30)

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Dates: 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., July 21, 22; Aug. 4, 5

Format: In person

Instructor: Janet Crews

Price: $195 per credit hour (3 credit hours)

The work of Adaptive Schools is to develop the resources and capacities of organizations to respond to the changing needs of students and the changing needs of society. Adaptive Schools helps groups to develop the tools necessary for tough conversations. This course is about facilitating groups, and helping to develop those groups with which you work to their highest capacity.  Students will spend time learning content and skills and then practicing those skills.  There is an expectation that practice of the skills will occur between course meeting days in order to internalize skills.  This course is a four day training.

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Social Justice and Inclusive Teaching (EDUC 5410.91)

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Dates: Oct. 18-Dec. 17 2021

Format: Online

Instructors: Vincent C. Flewellen and Dr. Marshaun Warren

Price per credit hour: $145 (3 credit hours)

This course, Social Justice and Inclusive Teaching, is designed to increase culturally proficient instruction. The academic focus of this
course is to examine how cultural factors contribute to the academic success of elementary, middle and high school students.
Students will reflect, explore and evaluate how their values and behaviors support diverse learners.

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LETRS Training I

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Instructor: Tamara Rhobmerg; Price per credit hour: $145 (3 credit hours)

LETRS® provides the professional development teachers need to acquire deep knowledge of language and literacy development, in order to be effective in helping students become highly capable readers.
LETRS provides a systematic process to educate teachers about the science of reading, the development of oral and written language, and how to incorporate knowledge of language into effective reading instruction - knowledge that teachers do not receive during preservice education. Throughout the LETRS course of study, teachers are exposed to evidence-based research on reading and explore systems of oral and written language that are critical to literacy development.