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The Bachelor of Education Studies degree (BEd) focuses on instruction across a broad range of learning contexts. The influence of philosophy, sociology and psychology are examined to understand their impact on instructional design, learning theory, culture and inclusivity on the learner. This program highlights the importance of global engagement, science and technology, as well as the local community in the design and implementation of curriculum, learning and instructional interventions. The degree is designed for the student who is interested in learning and instruction in formal and informal settings. 

Students sitting in chairs in classroom, laughing and facing forward.

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Students sitting in chairs in classroom, laughing and facing forward.

The Bachelor of Education Studies (BEd) at Webster University provides students with a wide array of tools vital for teaching in contemporary, globalized settings. BEd majors become exceptional teachers capable of serving the needs of different learners. The BEd degree at Webster offers a strong level of specialization, while also providing students with a strong learner-centered foundation.

The BEd Is Designed for Informal Education —  It Is Not a Teacher Certification Program

Webster's Bachelor of Education Studies consists of coursework that allows you to pursue your love of teaching and learning outside of a traditional classroom. The program is designed for anyone who is passionate about teaching and learning, and likes to work with people to help them develop knowledge and skill for professional growth in their career. 

Justin DeKock
Student Testimonial

“The BEd program effectively prepared me for my current work, namely through the internship required to earn the degree. Through this internship, I received valuable insight into the planning and project process that I now use daily in my work.”

Justin DeKock
Justin DeKock

Bachelor of Education Studies, '22


Program Spotlight




Text on screen: Program Spotlight: Education Studies (BEd)

Text on screen: Justin D., Bachelor of Education Studies, ‘22

Justin D.

At a high level, I'd say the Bachelor of Educational Studies is a degree for anyone who may have a passion in the way people learn and how to effectively use traditional and nontraditional principles of education.

[Image of laptop with text that reads: The BEd prepares students to utilize teaching principles in a broad range of workplaces.]

I think the faculty did a great job kind of fostering discussion and fostering a critical thinking culture. You know, I got all the essential principles that that any teacher would need, along with how teaching and learning may play into lives outside of a traditional school setting.

Text on screen: Small, interactive classes: Building skills for professional growth

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One of the things I mean, I loved the most about Webster was kind of the emphasis on discussion in classes and tons of critical thinking goes into what I do. I mean, I'm training people every single day, you know, telling them what I do, what's going on with these projects. I think educational studies with great job kind of preparing me for that and giving me the tools I need to be successful.

Text on screen: Internship Experience: Applying Knowledge in Real-World Settings

I would definitely say the internship was transformative for me. It was my first experience working in kind of an office setting. I learned kind of how to work with a professional team. I learned how to kind of take all of the - the skills and knowledge that I had learned over the past four years, kind of translate those to a professional setting.

Text on screen: Teaching Happens Everywhere: Inside and Outside School Settings

There's a wealth of knowledge to be gained from this degree. And I mean, I would say anybody considering getting their education in education, I would say know that this degree is here for people like me who may not have that drive to be kind of a traditional educator but are still passionate in the idea of education.

Text on screen: The BEd is not a teacher certification program. It consists of coursework that allows you to pursue your love of teaching outside traditional classrooms.

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Teaching Happens Everywhere — Inside and Outside of School Settings

Our BEd focuses on Global Education. It will ground you on your educational philosophy and equip you with methods to teach your subject of interest. This degree might be for you if you:

- Developed employee training schedules for your organization

- Designed training modules in your workplace to promote employee growth and professional development

- Asked to teach or train different groups of people or stakeholders in person or online

- Know how to locate credible online educational resources in your field

- Know how to identify, manage and communicate a training need for your organization


Webster's Bachelor of Education Studies Program

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of major philosophical and sociological perspectives concerning schooling and education.
  • Understand and apply principles of developmental psychology to support learners in formal and informal educational settings.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the role of culture and diversity in designing and implementing learning solutions in global and local education.
  • Understand and apply communication skills, message design application and information and communications technology tools in order to sustain relationships and effective stakeholder communication.
  • Apply professional learning and collaboration to achieve personal and professional development in the areas of instruction, curriculum design, and learning facilitation.
  • Design authentic, learner-driven activities and environments that recognize and accommodate learner variability.
  • Collaborate with both colleagues and students to improve practice, discover and share resources and ideas, and solve instructional problems.

The emphasis in Global Education provides students with the awareness and skills to work in informal learning environments as well as non-school environments like museums and learning centers. The program prioritizes global engagement, instructional design and participatory learning for audiences. 

Emphasis-Specific Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  1. Understand the role of Global Citizenship Education in crafting solutions for social and educational problems. 
  2. Demonstrate knowledge, skills and habits of mind of an adult educator, instructional designer and learning facilitator.  
  3. Demonstrate an ability to plan design and implement instruction for adult learners.
  4. Recognize and discuss key themes of global education and informal education.
  5. Apply instructional and learning design skills to support adult learners in professional development and lifelong learning.
  6. Apply career learning and leadership approaches to personal learning.
  7. Understand and use research to evaluate educational practices.
  8. Explore options for applying their educational knowledge and skills in professional/occupational pursuits.

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