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Faculty | Department of Music

Artists. Performers. Teachers.

Department of Music faculty are active artist/teachers who exemplify extraordinary teaching in classrooms, studios, rehearsal halls, and performance venues. Faculty work daily with students in classes, rehearsals, seminar, and lessons.

Faculty at Commencement 2017

Thirteen full-time faculty members are augmented by practicing professionals drawn from the deep pool of talent in the Saint Louis area.

Jeffrey Carter, D.M.A. Jeffrey Carter, D.M.A.

Chair and
Professor of Music
Voice, music theory, musical direction for musical theatre

Glen Bauer, Ph.D.Glen Bauer, Ph.D.

Associate Chair and
Professor of Music
Music history, musicology

Carla Colletti, Ph.D.Carla Colletti, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Studies
and Music Theory 
Associate Professor of Music
Music theory, Musicianship

Photo of Jef AwadaPaul Davis, D.M.A.

Director of Instrumental Studies
Associate Professor of Music
Conducting, music literature, instrumental studies

Paul DeMarinisPaul DeMarinis, M.M.

Director of Jazz Studies
Professor of Music
Jazz studies, jazz performance, saxophone

Martha J. HartMartha J. Hart, M.M.

Director of Vocal Studies
Professor of Voice
Voice, vocal pedagogy


Stuart Chapman Hill, Ph.D.Stuart Chapman Hill, Ph.D.

Director of Music Education
Assistant Professor of Music
Choral music education

Jacob Lassetter, D.M.A.Jacob Lassetter, D.M.A.

Director of Opera Studio
Associate Professor of Voice


Trent Patterson, D.M.A.Trent Patterson, D.M.A.

Director of Choral Studies
Associate Professor of Music
Conducting, music literature, choral studies, music education

Kim PortnoyMatt Pickart, M.M.

Assistant Professor of Music
Strings, improvisation, music entrepreneurship

Kim PortnoyKim Portnoy, M.A.

Director of Composition
Associate Professor of Music
Composition, orchestration, 
jazz studies

Daniel ScheneDaniel Schene, M.M.

Director of Keyboard Studies
Professor of Music
Piano, piano literature, 
piano pedagogy

David Werfelmann, DMADavid Werfelmann, D.M.A.

Director of BA in Music
Assistant Professor of Music
Music theory, music composition



Jeffrey Richard Carter, Professor and Chair
Glen Bauer, Professor and Associate Chair
Carla Colletti, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Jean Huber, Department Representative
Kim Torrence, Department Assistant

Composition & Songwriting
Kim Portnoy, Associate Professor and Program Chair
David Werfelmann, Assistant Professor
Melissa Bishop, songwriting
Erin Bode, songwriting

Ensembles and Conducting
Paul G. Davis, Associate Professor and Instrumental Studies Program Chair
Trent Patterson, Associate Professor and Choral Studies Program Chair
Stuart Chapman Hill, Assistant Professor, Aurelia
Duane Bridges, New Music Ensemble
Jacob Lassetter, Opera Studio
Debby Lennon, Vocal Jazz Ensemble
John McClellan, Guitar Ensemble
Eric Ring, Woodwind Chamber Groups
Dan Smith, Jazz Collective
Willem von Hombracht, Bass Ensemble

Instrumental Studies
Paul G. Davis, Associate Professor and Instrumental Studies Program Chair

Brass and Percussion
Erin Elstner, percussion
Tricia Jöestlein, horn
James Martin, low brass
Robert Souza, trumpet

Matt Pickart, violin and viola
Nicolae Bica, violin
Erik Harris, bass
Ken Kulosa, cello
John McClellan, guitar
Megan Stout, harp

Jeanine York-Garesche, clarinet
Michael Karpowicz, saxophone
Paula Kasica, flute
Eric Ring, bassoon
Cathy Woelbling-Paul, oboe

Jazz Studies
Paul DeMarinis, Professor and Program Chair
Kim Portnoy, Associate Professor
Dave Black, jazz guitar, combo
Tom Byrne, jazz guitar, combo
Kevin Gianino, jazz drums
Debby Lennon, jazz voice, Jazz Singers
Nick Savage, High School Jazz Ensemble
Dan Smith, Jazz Collective
Carolbeth True, jazz piano
Willem von Hombracht, combo, jazz bass
Ben Wheeler, combo

Music Direction for Musical Theatre
Jeffrey Richard Carter, Professor and Chair, program chair

Music Education
Stuart Chapman Hill, Assistant Professor and Program Chair
Paul G. Davis, Associate Professor, secondary instrumental methods
Trent Patterson, Associate Professor, choral conducting
Erin Elstner, percussion methods
Michael Karpowicz, woodwind methods
James Martin, brass methods
Heather McKenzie Patterson, vocal music education practicum
Sara Wichard, elementary music education methods

Music History and Theory
Glen Bauer, Professor and Music History Program Chair
Carla Colletti, Associate Professor and Music Theory Program Chair
David Werfelmann, Assistant Professor
Melissa Bishop, theory
Patricia Eastman, musicianship
Leslie Allnatt Mallory, theory and musicianship
Heather Nehre, history
Matthew Pace, theory and musicianship
Eric Ring, theory and musicianship
Kirsten Santos Rutschman, theory and musicianship
John Thomas, theory and musicianship
Ben Wheeler, jazz history

Piano and Organ
Daniel Schene, Professor and Program Chair
Tali Allen, musical theatre coach/accompanist
Lisa Campbell Albert, musical theatre coach/accompanist
Patricia Eastman, piano
Nina Ferrigno, piano
Sandra Geary, coach/accompanist
Sue Goldford, collaborative piano
Mieko Hironaka Bergt, collaborative piano
Caroline Hixson, piano/accompanist
Susan Martin, piano
Nancy Mayo, piano, collaborative piano
Ron McGowan, collaborative piano, musical theatre coach/accompanist
Matt Pankratz, piano
William (Pat) Partridge, organ
Ruth Price, piano, piano literature
Carol Schmidt, piano
Carolbeth True, piano
Nicolas Valdez, collaborative piano
Donna Bowen Vince, piano, collaborative piano

Vocal Studies
Martha J. Hart, Professor and Program Chair
Jeffrey Richard Carter, Professor and Department Chair
Jacob Lassetter, Associate Professor, Director of Opera Studio
Robert Allyon, vocal coach, vocal literature, diction
Eric Dalbey, voice
Elizabeth Ducey-Moss, voice
Carole Gaspar, Emerita Professor of Voice
Debby Lennon, voice
Heather McKenzie Patterson, voice
Leann Schuering, voice
Amanda Taylor, voice

Kathryn Smith Bowers, Emerita Director of Choral Activities
Bob Chamberlin, Emeritus Professor of Music Theory and Composition
Carole Gaspar, Emerita Professor of Voice
Allen Carl Larson, Emeritus Professor & Conductor of the Webster University Symphony Orchestra
Steve Schenkel, Emeritus Professor of Jazz Studies
Kendall Stallings, Emeritus Professor of Music Theory and Composition

Christine Brewer, Visiting Professor of Voice