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Webster University’s Department of Psychology provides students with a solid foundation of the major theoretical perspectives of psychology and its scientific approach. By studying psychology with us, you’ll learn about scientific and applied psychology from a range of angles including biological, clinical/counseling, cognitive/learning, developmental and social/cultural.

Explore below to learn more about our degree opportunities, designed according to the most recent research on the scholarship of teaching and learning within the field of psychology.

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Undergraduate Programs

Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine and Pre-Veterinary

Webster University provides a variety of programs and courses designed to meet the needs of the pre-dental, pre-medical, and pre-veterinary student. Most dental and medical schools accept a BA or BS in any field of study but require specific courses in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Webster University offers a cooperative 3-2 program with the Washington University School of Medicine in occupational therapy (OT). This dual degree program enables students to complete a BA in Biology, BS in Biological Sciences, BS in Exercise Science, BS in Psychological Science or BA in Psychology from Webster University and a master of science in occupational therapy (MSOT) from Washington University within a five-year period.

Learn more about the Pre-Occupational Therapy 3+2 Cooperative Program

Sage Hamilton

“What set Webster apart the most though was the inclusive community and the Psychology department, especially its accelerated master's program.”

Sage Hamilton
Sage Hamilton

BA in Psychology, '27

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3-2+ BA/MA Program

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Earn Both the BA in Psychology and the MA in Counseling

This program combines the Bachelor's in Psychology with an Emphasis in Mental Health with the Master's in Counseling in less time than taking the programs separately. Students in this highly competitive program can begin taking master's level classes to complete their bachelor's degrees, reducing up to a year off. Talk to your undergraduate advisor to learn more.

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International Opportunities in Psychology

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Our students can take programs toward their psychology degree at many of our University’s international campuses. Our friendly staff in International Recruitment and International Services provide essential resources to our students interested in learning overseas through assistance with visas, work, health services, housing and much more.

Our locations include: Geneva (Switzerland), Leiden (the Netherlands), Vienna (Austria) and Athens (Greece).

International-Only Psychology Programs

The bachelor of science (BS) in psychology is designed to provide the biological, cognitive, personality and social contexts for understanding the behavior of individuals throughout their lifespan. Students who successfully complete the BS in psychology will have the foundation, research skills and data analysis expertise to succeed in a MA/PhD psychology graduate program (e.g. clinical psychology, experimental psychology, etc.).

This program is available at the following international campuses:

The mission of the MA in Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling Psychology program is to provide its participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent in counseling psychology through academic and experiential learning. The program aims at educating future psychologists who have sound knowledge of the theory and practice of counseling psychology, who are competent consumers and creative producers of social science research, who are competent in counseling practice, and who are ethical and sensitive to the cultures, values and worlds of various clients.

This program is available at the following international campuses:

Browning Hall

Browning Hall

Browning Hall

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