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Webster University's Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science is designed to provide the biological, cognitive, personality and social context for understanding the behavior of individuals throughout their lifespan. Students who successfully complete the BS in Psychological Science will have the foundation, research skills and data analysis expertise to succeed in a MA/PhD psychology graduate program (e.g. clinical psychology, experimental psychology, etc.).

Webster students talking with professor in classroom

Points of Distinction

  • Courses are offered at Webster's global campuses in Athens, Greece; Geneva, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; Leiden, and the Netherlands.
  • The degree opportunities in the Psychology Department are designed according to the most recent research on the scholarship of teaching and learning within the field of psychology.
  • Curriculum is constantly updated to meet the best practices advocated by the American Psychological Association.

Alumni Success:

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • AmeriCorp Volunteer Coordinator
  • Social Worker with St. Louis Public Schools
  • Research Analyst at Washington University
  • Human Resource Specialist at Monsanto
  • Independent Film Producer
  • Case Manager for HIV/AIDS Outreach
  • Crisis Worker
  • Teacher with Outward Bound

Program Spotlight

Take a closer look at Webster University's Psychological Sciences (BS) program, as well as the opportunities and options that the degree offers.



Text on screen: Program Spotlight: Psychological Science (BS)

Text on screen: Eric A. Goedereis, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychology

Eric Goedereis

The BS in Psychological Science at Webster University is a degree program that's research focused. We work to engage students in and out of the classroom by really providing an experience and an environment where students know that they're going to struggle sometimes, and know that they're going to fail sometimes, and that that's okay. We're going to support them because that's how real growth happens.

Text on screen: Kinza A. Student

Kinza A.

The professors are really available to you. I know that I have someone to reach out to, which is a really great resource to have because these are professors that are, like, really well versed in what they do.

[Footage of a professor lecturing a class and engaging in students one-on-one]

There are seven to ten people in one class, so I feel like you're able to connect with people based off your interests and like even doing research with them that really bonds you in a way that you wouldn't expect.

Text on screen: Research Opportunities: Access to Grants and Professional Conferences

Eric Goedereis

Students at Webster University are eligible to compete for, and many receive, a competitive research grant through the Office of the President. This grant provides students with funding to pursue their research projects and additional funding potentially to present their work at really competitive, peer reviewed conferences at the professional level.

Kinza A.

I was able to take my research side data here and presented at a conference in Chicago, and I also will be going to D.C. on the research that I did here at Webster, and they will be fully funded by Webster.

Text on screen: Interdisciplinary Education: Learning from Multiple Fields of Study

[Footage of student working with professor one-on-one in a biology lab]

Eric Goedereis

So our dual degree programs are really exciting because they give students the exposure to that interdisciplinary type of thinking –

Text on screen: Dual Major in: Biological Sciences

[Footage of exercise science professor working with students one-on-one, pointing to different bones on a skeleton model, guiding students through stretches and exercises in a lab with exercise equipment]

-- So that they can work to solve some of these complex problems using innovative methods borrowed from one discipline and another.

Text on screen: Dual Major in: Exercise Science

Kinza A.

I had the chance to combine psychological research and biological research. I had an advisor from the biology department and an advisor from the psychology department, so both were able to work collaboratively to help me reach my goal.

Text on screen: Global Perspectives: Understanding Psychology in a Multicultural Context

Eric Goedereis

Many of the courses that are required for our program can be found throughout Webster's Global Network of campuses, which means that students interested in pursuing the BS in Psychological Science and studying abroad can actually stay on target for graduation while doing so.

Text on screen: Courses offered in: Athens, Greece – Leiden, The Netherlands – Geneva, Switzerland – Vienna, Austria

Kinza A.

Something Webster really pushes is being a global citizen. I was able to study abroad in Ecuador and doing so I was immersed into the indigenous communities over there and was really able to learn from a perspective outside of what I'm exposed to.

[Images of Kinza’s study abroad experience in Ecuador]

Eric Goedereis

The world where our students are graduating into is really complex and a lot of the problems facing them are really undefined.

[Footage of various classrooms in the psychology program, students taking down notes, teachers engaging with the students and smiling]

We're training our students in our program to be successful and navigate that ambiguity and that messiness that they're going to find themselves in after graduation.

[Webster University logo animates on screen]

Text on screen:

[Outro music]

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