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The Department of Psychology provides students with a solid foundation in the major theoretical perspectives of psychology and its scientific approach. By studying psychology at Webster, students attain a broad understanding of and appreciation for the complexity and diversity of human behavior within a global context.

Earn a Certificate in Psychology

The undergraduate certificate in Psychology meets the needs of students majoring in something other than psychology but with a strong interest in the field. See more information on the general requirements for an undergraduate certificate.

Students talking in Webster Vienna atrium

Undergraduate Certificate in Psychology

Students talking in Webster Vienna atrium

27 Credit Hours

More demanding than the psychology minor but less intensive than the psychology major, this certificate is well suited to students with a strong interest in psychology but who are majoring in another subject. As a stand-alone certificate, it is also appropriate for those students with a strong interest in psychology who have completed a BA or BS at another institution. Available at St. Louis main campus and select international campuses.

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