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Explore Human Behavior and Psychological Theories With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree

If you are you interested in understanding human behavior, Webster University’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program will help you unlock some of its complexity and diversity, while offering skills that you can apply to become a more effective manager, educator or leader.

Our BA in Psychology program will help you study the human mind and human behavior from a variety of approaches, ranging from the scientific to philosophical, to the experimental and theoretical. As a Psychology major, you’ll explore these methods to develop and apply problem-solving skills to help you think analytically and communicate persuasively in the professional world.

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Develop Expertise in Various Perspectives of Psychology

Your Psychology major studies will include:

  • Biological and evolutionary perspectives — the roles of biological processes, structures and inherited tendencies in explaining human behavior.
  • Clinical and counseling perspectives — the diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders and adjustment problems.
  • Lifespan development perspectives — the study of how individuals grow, develop and change throughout the lifespan.
  • Learning and cognitive perspectives — examination of the mental processes and environmental situations that underlie, shape and control behavior.
  • Social and cross-cultural perspectives — the roles of social and cultural influences on behavior.

Personalize Your Career Path

With your Psychology bachelor’s degree from Webster University, you’ll be well prepared to pursue a variety of career opportunities within psychology, counseling and related fields. Many students who earn a BA in Psychology further their education in a wide variety of graduate programs.


Choose Webster For Your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree

Earn Your Psychology Degree Your Way

We understand that every student is unique, and how you choose to complete your education depends on your personal circumstances. Webster offers convenient learning opportunities to fit your lifestyle. Personalize your Psychology bachelor’s program by choosing to earn your Psychology BA full-time or part-time, in person or online, or through a hybrid approach.

Learn From Faculty Mentors Who Are Psychology Experts

As a Psychology major, you’ll be guided and mentored by faculty who are experts across a wide range of disciplines, including counseling psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and experimental psychology. Our Psychology instructors are dedicated to providing close personal attention in small classes, capped at 25 students or less.

Develop Real-World Insights Through Experiential Learning Opportunities

Our Psychology major senior thesis program allows you to work one-on-one with faculty to create your own independent research study, including developing a hypothesis and collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. A community practicum allows you to gain hands-on field experience in a placement of your choice, such as a community health center, advocacy organization, hospital, or school or childcare center.

Add an Emphasis to Your Psychology BA or Add a Double Major

Webster offers options to add to your degree. Our Psychology BA with an Emphasis in Mental Health program allows you to dive deeper into mental health causes and treatments. Alternatively, pair the flexible BA in Psychology with another program major.



Text on screen: Program Spotlight: Psychology (BA)

Text on screen: Morgan M. Grotewiel, PhD, Department Chair, Associate Professor, Psychology

Morgan M. Grotewiel: For the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, we have the option to do a general Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or a BA in Psychology with an Emphasis in Mental Health.

The BA in Psychology is a great option for students who might want to double major because it offers a lot of flexibility.

The BA in Psychology with an Emphasis in Mental Health is a more specialized track that specifically prepare students for graduate school in the helping professions.

The three-two program combines the BA in Psychology with an Emphasis on Mental Health with the MA in Counseling.

Text on screen: Earn both BA in Psychology, MA in Counseling

They can graduate with their bachelor's and master's degrees in five and a half years, instead of six and a half.

Text on screen: Valentin D. Student

Valentin D.: I think that it's set me up to do well in graduate level programs, then continuing a lot of those practical applications that I've already started doing during my time as an undergrad.

Text on screen: Individual Learning: Small Class Sizes and Expert Faculty

Grotewiel: We are a really unique program. We have really small class sizes. All of our courses are capped at 25 students, even our introductory courses.

[Footage of a professor lecturing a class and engaging in students one-on-one]

So you really get to engage with the instructors or your peers and the material.

Valentin: I really appreciate that because I do feel like I have a more personal connection with professors, which really helps when you're working on like direct practice things and things that become very personal.

Grotewiel: We have faculty who are accomplished researchers and practitioners within their areas of expertise, and they're really passionate about what they teach, and they get to design courses based around those expertise and interest areas.

[Footage of a professor teaching students in a classroom, students listening and engaged.]

Valentin: For child psychology, I had a professor that had done work with transgender children and that's not something you really get in most child psychology courses.

Grotewiel: We set students up for success not only through the small course sizes and really active and devoted teaching, but also by applying psychological principles to what we know makes students more effective in the classroom.

Text on screen: Real-World Experience: Applying Knowledge to the Career Field

This program offers a community practicum field work experience, and that's unique to an undergraduate psychology department. You usually don't get that experience until graduate school.

Valentin: It takes theories that you're studying in the classroom, and then it puts you in a field where you're directly seeing how those theories play out in interpersonal relationships, you get to intervene and put those ideas to work yourself.

Text on screen: Customizable Education: Learning in an Interdisciplinary Way

At Webster, something I really appreciate about the BA in Psychology program is that it has a lot of intermodal opportunities. Webster is also the only place in the state where you can get a certificate in expressive arts therapy as an undergraduate student, which has also been one of my favorite aspects of my time here.

Grotewiel: We set our students up for success through close advising.

[Footage of various classrooms in the Psychology program, students taking down notes, teachers engaging with the students and smiling]

We meet with students early in the psychology major and help them choose the degree and the courses that are going to meet their interest and also help them achieve their career or graduate school goals.

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“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be close to my professors who are able to meet with me during office hours to help me with any questions or concerns.”

Tee Coffman

BA in Psychology with an Emphasis in Mental Health, '26

What Can You Do With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree?

Many graduates of our Psychology BA program continue their education in graduate programs in psychology, counseling, social work, medical professions and other fields. Webster Psychology bachelor’s degree program graduates have also gone on to pursue careers such as:

  • Administration for Health Program or Integrative Care Center
  • AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator
  • Research Analyst at Washington University
  • Human Resource Specialist at Monsanto
  • Case Manager for HIV/AIDS Outreach
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Nonprofit Program Assistant

Salary Information For Professions in the Psychology Field

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states the annual median salary for a Psychologist is $81,040. The BLS also states salaries for related fields are Social Worker at $50,390, Market Research Analyst at $63,920 and Human Resources Specialist at $62,290. Some of the positions in this field may require additional education beyond the BA.

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